Ego-rocking words

It will be futile
To gather you into my arm
While my virility with
Ego-rocking words  you harm!

Sweet talking a loving partner to bed is an art ev

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Alem Hailu G/Kristos

Sun 7th Feb 2016 06:52

Yes thank you .But unlike other languages the English word 'you' works for both genders.
In my poems I am not expressing my feelings only. I try to express the feelings of others.
The message I want to convey reading psychology is
<<Before rushing to conjugal felicity lovers have to do ego massaging work or they have to sweet talk their lovers to bed.>>
#sweet #talking #wooing #impotence
Yes unless it is a descriptive poem the shorter a poem the better.I have 2 lines poem as well as 40 line long ones to.

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Jemima Jones

Sat 6th Feb 2016 18:59

is this to do with a bad choice in women Alem? Reads that way.I love poems that aren't too long winded.

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