weren't odessa 3 (01/09/2015)

cannonball canonicals
bird-house bursaries
chainlink monocles
buyin' into hi-life miseries

clipp'd the righteous and the rained
puddles and piles, congregating
for warmth in the gutters, and love in the drain

the family that you got to choose
after yours failed, fell apart
chose not to pick you
the runts of the litter
malformed, defects 
judged by smoothskin automatons
I'd rather live with a limp
than in braces, plastic skin and hold-ons
tie-ins, promises, and coffee lineups 
shuffling forward into eternity

it looks dark down here
but it ain't
even though I know you didn't ask me.
I promise.

I used to dance
I take pills for that now.

i used to dance 4 nights a week

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