The Academy

The Academy 


Stand at attention 

sir yes sir

you are worthless

run till you puke 

you aren’t even human 

wool uniforms in the dog days of summer

we are gonna make men out of you

crying is for the weak 

pain is fear leaving the body 

spit shined shoes and foot lockers

made beds and floors you can eat off of

your mama can’t save you

you're a plebe 

you're a parasite

we own you

we will make killers out of you

three squares a day if you are lucky 

get on your faces 

morning reveille breaks the only stillness

taps plays for the fallen 

these are your brothers 

they will protect you

as will you them 

pray even if you don’t 

I don’t think I’m cut out for this 

I’m too young 

I’m too soft 

too afraid 

I got what I asked for 

mama save me

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