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when you are hurt

emotionaly or physicly

when you put up with everything

because it is the easy way out

when you return battered and bruised

feelings hurt, ego lowered

you start to say is ok

becuase you arnt worth any thing more


it stops now

i stuck up for you

what do i get in return



the moment i speak up

the day i stop putting up with it

the second i put myself first

that is the moment i become the monster

no one knows the hurt i dealt with

but that doesnt change their looks

to them i am just the monster

the cruel ugly enemy 

the one who yelled at the poor shy girl

the one who said mean things

i am the monster 


well let me tell you this

all the on lookers who hate me

that so shy girl

she is the rude, cruel one

she insults for fun

she hurts because she can

the moment anyone raises their voice

they become the monster


i dont want to go back to you

but lonelyness deflates me

it penetrates the deepest cooks

and the deepest caranys


i think myself stupid

because of you

i think my self not worthy

becuase of you

i hate myself

becuase you told me to

i lost that confidence and that fierce will

all becase of you


but hey who is the victum

me or you


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Rachel Bond

Thu 25th Feb 2016 17:00

interesting. i know the monster. it seems you are highlighting the violence of passive aggression.

somebody stole from me so i shouted at her and became the monster because no one could stomach the pretty tears of such a sweet young is a bollox. She was the thief but I the monster raised my voice in honest rage that the last straw had be stolen.

the sly know how to play it quiet.

tbh i think the next poem could be a bit 'tighter'...but only to suit my tastes. i think that incorporating big idea into the fewest words is a skill that accentuates the point. like an arrow. I'm working on it :)

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