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Patricia and Stefan Wilde on Would it be (Fri, 26 Feb 2016 07:17 pm)

Without You


If you had a choice

Then what would you choose to do?

I could live without money

I could live without fame

And if every day is sunny

I could live without the rain


Even if I went up to heaven

I will fall right back down

And life wouldn’t be easy

Because you’re the one I couldn’t live without


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Would it be

Would it be


Would it be nice to see the morning

With the one you love the most

Would it be nice to say "Good Night"

to the one you hold so close


Would it be nice to hold someone

So dear in your heart

Would it be nice to hear those words

"I Love You" from the one that you love

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fall in love again

Fall In Love Again


I wanna fall in love again But this time with no regrets

I wanna give it all again But this time with no secrets


I don't want just anyone

Not anyone

I wanna fall in love again with you

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Still You


At first it is hard to admit

How awful love could cheat

Was it my fault to be in loved?

Or was I'm just born to be snubbed?


Love hurts when you give it all

So it is gone when you start to fall

Is it always to be like this?

Is it always I had to miss?


Even if I still have to suffer

I'll take the risk and love you longer

'Coz even if how hard...

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