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Trapped soul

I sold my soul now i'm paying the price

He feeds off my anger and sadness

he wont let me out i feel trapped

i'm stuck in this deep dark deprivation 

It started off fine because i was blind

Now i see it for what it really is

i'm outside looking in at it

his eyes are dark and souless

nothing in their but evil

I feel like a possession and object a thing. 

Not a human bei...

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Been turning myself to blue and green,

Trapping and locking myself in this fucking cage


And I can't, I cannot, I will not

Let you in here.

Nothing more can rely on me.

And i will spend my days putting stoicism and serenity on pedestals,

And I will be hopeless and choked

And my heart will be lurching

And it passed right by me,

But I realise now that no hand is so...

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Desolation Alley

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Desolation Alley


a weak light rises over the chimneys

the grass is the colour of piss

smog prises its fingers into bronchial lungs

a dog with three legs barrels down the street

curtains stained with inquisitive glances

stare out at the paperboy on a rusty bike

a cat crawls under a red Cortina parked on bricks

November exhales a grey breath on the windows




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  They are coming with the needle They think they are being kind Sending me back to The jungles of my mind.   There are creatures in the forest, I can feel them closing in Screaming in my mind In a brain jarring din. The fire is burning well Sending out heat and light Keeping at bay  Those creatures of th...

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Lair Of The Snow Spider

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Lair Of The Snow Spider


there are domains so deep

that no one will tread

so dark that they are blind

in these dank places

the air is still and

sound is soft and mute


into this darkness

snow falls

settling in the nooks

and crannies

dusting the branches

with its ice grasp


can you hear it

the soft sly scuttle

of a many l...

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Trapped in this awful fucking life where I wanted to love but ruined the chance when I got it. I’ll never forget her but what does that matter now with defeat snapping at my heels, she fully understands the past snapping at her heels, like mine does. Her words, not mine. I surrender to the nightmare night-time dark veil of defeat and await my end. It came sooner than I thought...

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The joy of fading memory

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gnarly fingers
veil his face,
skin thin and crusty
at spots:
splotched parchment
of years in the sun

from his forehead to
his chin
then meets gravity;

through his soil-grimed
singlet, jeans and boots;
hours of toil
simmer away
in rivulets
of forgetfulness.


Photo by Eric Kaufman, NC

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Captive's Prayer

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Have mercy on me, set me free,

nobody's heard me scream

the sky grows darker by the hour

and these four walls seem ever closer

to my face, how did I end up

in this place?


Rendered useless, I have no power

of fight or flight, only fright

consumes me, what is to be?

I can't see that far

I don't deserve this, why is it me?


I'm shackled and ch...

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