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Ruth O'Reilly on Gray Twists Across Veins and Ribs (1 hour ago)

Ruth O'Reilly on Lost Meanings (1 hour ago)

Don Matthews on Brexit Poker (1 hour ago)

Ruth O'Reilly on Lost Meanings (1 hour ago)

Don Matthews on Brexit Poker (1 hour ago)

Ruth O'Reilly on Brexit Poker (1 hour ago)

Don Matthews on Lost Meanings (1 hour ago)

Ruth O'Reilly on Brexit Poker (1 hour ago)

Don Matthews on Brexit Poker (1 hour ago)

Jason Bayliss on Lost Meanings (1 hour ago)

The Wasp

She is dead already,

those eyes have murdered her.

They shut her inside jars,

scream their pain, projection.

She needs not to sting humans

but she is overwhelmed.

Searching for open windows,

A chance to kill herself. 

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bullyingfearsuicide awarenesstrapped

To love is to suffer

His words twist into my heart, in bold letters they tear me apart, leaving my eyes bright and green, I can't hold back the tears, I'm not trying to fight, expressing my feelings is damaging, he takes it wrong and here comes the sting, I guess love isn't meant for me, no matter how sweet I can be.

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battlebullyingHeart break

"Diana Prince Forever!"

entry picture

That's what my parents always called me with a smirk
But I wasn't
I was just different

The highlight of my week wasn't watching Knight Rider like the other boys
It was Wonder Woman
Imagining myself wearing her gold tiara and bracelets
Her lasso of truth
Spinning round and saving the world
Then going back to being normal Diana Prince

My older brother bought me Action Man
And all ...

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bullyingchildhoodherowonder woman

The Last Laugh

entry picture

The Last Laugh


You got caught out once,

sitting on the top deck of the bus

and gripping the metal bar

that ran across the top

of the seat in front.


He was bragging to his mates

and, although you couldn’t see his face,

you could see the dirty straw hair

and the muck ingrained in his neck

and you imagined him winking.


He turned round slowly,

looked ...

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bullyingchildhoodgrowingpay backthe last laugh

Now I know

entry picture

You were wrong to underestimate me.
You were wrong to not have any faith in myself and my success.
You were wrong to say the things you've said.
You were wrong to bring me down.

Although, while you were wrong
for everything you've did.
I cannot fully blame you
for my sadness you've caused.
For, I was also in the wrong.

I was wrong to believe
every word that you spoke.
I was wrong to let...

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beleifbullyingfailnow i knowsucesswrongyour words

The Shadows On The Wall

I fade into the darkness, like the shadows on the wall Nobody hears my cries, nobody notices when I call
Although I scream I am here! the words just won’t fall
I fade into the darkness, like the shadows on the wall.   When the night comes calling, then you might see me,
Just a mere reflection of the man I used to be
My life is now over, the end is yet to come,
I am the man in the sha...

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Anthony R M AndrewsBullyingHeartbreaklonelinessPainSuicide


Five years and nine months

Can you tell what it is yet?

It's not long enough


So whilst on 'A' Wing

Bend down to pick up your soap

Whilst in the shower


No 'Two Little Boys'

Just 'Jake the Peg's middle leg

Summary justice


A didgery-doo

Try your Kangaroo court sport

It's coming to you


Then why no remorse?

Banged up at portrait's pleasure


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bullyingcell blockchild abusecourtshaikujusticeporridgeprisonsongs


Incredible by Matthew Stuart Derbyshire






To the kid who's terrible at maths;

the one who thinks he's never going to pass;

the one who always seems to be at the bottom of the class:


you are incredible.


To the kid with the disability;

the one who has the ability

to be whoever or whatever it is that he wants to be:


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Another Ugly Duckling

There once was an ugly duckling

who slit her wrists open.

Everyone had thought

calling her a bitch

would be great fun.


She didn't.



The blood came gushing from her veins

as she lay in the bath.

She let it all go;

it was all over;

over at last.


She felt free.



They had made her a Facebook page:

“Angela loves pu...

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Not Good Enough

Not good enough! Not good enough!

You'll never have any girlfriends.

Not good enough! Not good enough!

You don't deserve to have a friend.

Not good enough! Not good enough!

You're not into the latest trends.

Not good enough! Not good enough!



be all alone


to your end.



You are completely disgusting.

Everyone thinks your mi...

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bullyingself esteem

Silent Critic

Silent Critic   Unmissable

in letters three feet high

across the bridge

they wrote


and before

the paint was dry

Kelly carved

her sharp reply

in a deeper crimson shade

just two

short lines

as double edged

as Kelly’s blade

exposed the lie

that gave offence

- and their careless

use of tense.

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