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Unbuckled By Angels

We're all wearing straitjackets

Whether from madness or not

For nature has us by the balls

From our swaddling in the cot


The past is a potent constraint

Not canvas and straps of leather

It dictates what's a personality

By a life-long, iron-clad tether


Shackles of love and desire are

Merciless in their subtle grip

Marriage ties bind us with ropes

No hide-b...

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The Cellars Of Your Heart

I stayed put, you moved on

With not a backward glance,

Its cold and dark down here

Hearing your merry dance


I'm in limbo now, forgotten

My spirit unable to restart

Trapped and left for dead

In the cellars of your heart


This place has other ghosts

Chains clanking like mine

Brooding sadly about how

You must be doing so fine


We're so near yet so far ...

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In Chains Of Faded Flowers

You're gone but it was good

You had to put up with a lot

My moods and wanderings

A child dying alone in his cot


Carnations bring you back

Our shady garden bowers

You dangle from my heart

In chains of faded flowers


High up on Ilkley Moor

Laid in fields of heather

Laughing we made love

Never mind the weather


His birth was not easy

For you might h...

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The joy of fading memory


gnarly fingers
veil his face,
skin thin and crusty
at spots:
splotched parchment
of years in the sun

from his forehead to
his chin
then meets gravity;

through his soil-grimed
singlet, jeans and boots;
hours of toil
simmer away
in rivulets
of forgetfulness.


Photo by Eric Kaufman, NC

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