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Imprisoned or Prism

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This poem is a response to Cynthia B.T's. polite polemic, Mind in a Cage.


I am grateful to her for having incited me to use my mind.

Imprisoned or Prism

Our mind is the eye

By which we see, or not, all worlds;

The humdrum, the yet to come,

The mathematical, the fantastical.

By which we perceive, or n...

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Fearful and Trembling

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I slide down a rope
     into the empty chasm 
          which is your cold heart. 
I light a fire 
          in the depths of your despair. 
You hate me anyway. 
It rains. 
An ocean is born; 
          it swallows me whole. 
Darkness engulfs me. 
Surrounded by other misguided souls. 
I feel their cages; 
     I discover mine. 

NOTE: I wrote this at age 15. I have edited it since, but I think it'...

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