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Warning To All Flying Insects!

Gossamer-silk strands wove into artwork, 
Hung on bramble, glistening with morning dew, 
Frail as a whisper, destroyed by one rainfall 
And the artist must start his creation anew.

But don't be fooled by its delicacy! 
The web holds a license to kill 
Its grip of death with embrace you 
And its Monster, concealed, lurks in shadows, so still. 

So when dancing, nonchalant, through the air, 
Beware! T...

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Lair Of The Snow Spider

Lair Of The Snow Spider


there are domains so deep

that no one will tread

so dark that they are blind

in these dank places

the air is still and

sound is soft and mute


into this darkness

snow falls

settling in the nooks

and crannies

dusting the branches

with its ice grasp


can you hear it

the soft sly scuttle

of a many l...

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bannfcanadafantasy realmsforestsnowspidertrappedweb

Black Widow



The air is chilled,

the night has eyes

that watch the lovers

in the shadows.


in sinful eyes,

that hold the fear

where no-one goes.

A prowling man-trap,

scented breath,


to hold her own

in crowded rooms

that smell of death,

when you're singled out

and on your own.


Black Widow comes


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black widowdesperationfalse hoperejectionspidervamp

Spider (for my childrens collection)

Once I knew a spider

wore Doc Martens on his feet,

eight hole on eight hairy legs

he wasn’t too discrete.


He rode a lengthy shadow

while he stomped around the floor

this micro “muy macho”

unabashedly cocksure


I trapped him in a glass one night

And told him at the door

“My wife she doesn’t like you

don’t you come around no more”



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spiderunwanted guest

The Spider

Threadbare though his home may be,

The spider doesn't mind;

He takes to tea the passing flea

And others of his kind.


The spider can be found online,

A host beyond compare;

He's always having guests to dine,

His larder's seldom bare.


He likes to welcome company by

To watch his skill at weaving;

But when they think it's time to fly,

They fin...

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