2. They are coming with the needle
  3. They think they are being kind
  4. Sending me back to
  5. The jungles of my mind.
  7. There are creatures in the forest,
  8. I can feel them closing in
  9. Screaming in my mind
  10. In a brain jarring din.
  11. The fire is burning well
  12. Sending out heat and light
  13. Keeping at bay 
  14. Those creatures of the night.
  16. But what will happen
  17. Should I fall asleep;
  18. Will my fire die or
  19. Will its protection keep.
  20. More wood on the fire,
  21. Pinch myself for pity's sake,
  22. Keep the blaze burning
  23. Keep myself awake.
  25. The creatures are leaving
  26. I can feel them draw away
  27. As through the tree tops creeps
  28. First signs of breaking day.
  29. How big is this forest,
  30. How long can I survive,
  31. Can I reach its edge
  32. And leave this place alive.
  34. They slide the needle in
  35. An act they think is kind
  36. But I am trapped screaming 
  37. In those jungles of my mind.

FantasyNight sleep terrorsfeartrappedmental illness

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