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I'm sitting here, trapped, frozen in time

Head imploding, finally losing my mind

Nowhere to run, bound and confined

To the prison within, my unconscious mind.

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boundconfinedDepressionlimbolosing my mindmental healthmental illnessnumbnumbnesspoetry and mental healthprisonspacedspaced outtrapped


I feel dead inside

I can no longer hide

For so long I've lied

I promise, I truly tried,

But today is the day that I died.

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beneath the maskdead inside. dead. mental healthdeathdemisedepressiongive uphurtliesmaskmetaphorical deathnumbnesspainrock bottomsadness

An incident on Zargona Road

entry picture

As the flying crippled limb

and its severed foot connect

the passengers don't notice him 

or the windscreens scarlet fleck


Taxis in this city

festoon their grills with flesh

metalled mouths show little pity

bystanders even less


When eighty four evaporate

in ball-bearinged storms of death

its compassion that men subjugate

to steal much more than breath


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Compassion fatigueNormalisation of horrorNumbness

Defining My Subject: "Numbness".

entry picture

Heading from somewhere to nowhere, with uncertain self-control is scary.

Being numb is like being dead. To simply feel nothing, you are or somewhat believe to become nothing. I know this because I'm a victim of it.

I'm also free, I guess, I have no pain or sorrow –although I know what all these emotions feel like, or felt like- but also no happiness or joy. I'm unbreakable, there is nothing ...

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