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sensitive about her body

gym doing physical jerks

I praised her endeavours

my flattery usually works


then came a stupid row

for jealousy of her friends

that fresh independence

envy ease of mind rends


my criticisms undermine

confidence to be curbed

barbed comments, digs

her self-worth disturbed


warned her shape awry

put her mind on the rack


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wish i was bad at maths again

i was never good at maths 

but these numbers stick to me 

and i cant shake them off

usually addition takes forever

but now i can tell you in a minute

what an apple + a carrot equates

and every number is running through my head

wish i could run as fast as them

because maybe then

i would still be bad at maths


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bodycalorieslove yourself

Shower Time






from her silky long hair,



a fine, structured bridge: her collarbone.



and lower,

striking and 



a curve

of fine, pert breasts

and erect nipples.




Caressing nude skin.

A delicate, seductive, touch.





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bodyerotic poemeroticaobserveobservingshowers

A Broken Mirror



                                                             Can you                                                                                                                                                Help me please.                                                                                                                            My mirror appears to be b...

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bodybroken mirrorsimagemirrorselfSelf Image

how do you see me?

I want to know haw you see me

Do you see my stomach at first is that how you see me

or is the little bit of fat on my chin is that how you see me

Is it my thighs is that what you first see of me

my chubby face is that what is seen of me

is it every crease that i spend hours of my day staring at, is that the part you see

in my eyes thats all i can see of me 

and i need to know ...

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to my body

my brain was a savage

and im sorry i let so many undeserving hands ravage your fragile parts

i didnt think you were worth enough, so thats why i continued to pick and prod, my judgement was tough

im sorry i ripped you to pieces

but now im learning to love all of your creases

with every burise, cut, and scar youre beautiful thin or large

ive learned to keep you close on your worst...

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bodyloverecovery self-imageSelf-esteem

Let Go

It's time to let go.

It's time to move on from the past, 

from whatever it is holding you back

The random pain from memories 

coming back to you as if two years was instead, two months ago

It's time to be free of all that is not meant to be

You know and I know 

The universe will show you which way to go 

Find true connection from within

Only then will you find clarity 


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bodyhappinesshealthLetting Gomindself lovesoul

My Body

My hands is where it starts

The heat of the fire

Ignited there


My fingers betrayed me

Now with a mind

Of their own


They torment me

Driving me insane



My heart starts to race

A speed my body isn’t

Prepared for


My blood runs everywhere

With a temperature

Way too high


They torture me

Crippling my movements



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anxietybodybody partsnervespanic attack


Ah! I loved you!


Lost to your soul,

            I bared my heart


Within your mind

            I held my heart...


            as if all hearts sang with mine

                        as if all lips knew


I felt your blood pulse

            and heat my soul

            as your hair scourged my body


                        (Ah! I loved your hair!)


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bodydesirelovelove poemobsessionpassionromanceworship


Some thoughts on body shaming of Olympic athletes - the most ridiculous nonsense I have heard!

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I've reached my goal weight

I think to myself

But don't ask how I did it

You don't want to know

That depression and anxiety

Is causing my body to change

That trips to the gym

Are only to get through the mundane

Don't tell me I look good

Because deep down inside

Looks don't really matter

When your life is full of pain

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In Your Skin

It’s a funny place here, in your skin. Why do you keep it
So very pale? Like a sail left out in the sun
For too long and then flown at the turning of tides,
Though it glides across all of the seas
Its beauty is gone.

Such a strange place here, in your skin.
Like an ivory sheet thrown
Over sharp bones, pale tones and fingers
Pointing blame at passers by of unknown crimes
In tim...

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We Miss You

Dear Jimbo,

On this day you left.

The Earth could no longer handle your grace, for this world can be an ugly place.

We couldn't handle your departure by ourselves. You showed us that we still have each other and that family is more than we were allowing it to be. Some of us will recoil and shrink. We look at them and we think about growth, our own extra terrestrial face as universal...

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