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Cottage Cheese

deja vu its just happened again

horrid dimpled orange peel blight

hammer and tongs from the back

unaware of her rump of cellulite


sedentary jobs they're behind it

losing my grip in stark moonlight

pulled away with undiluted relief

shuddering at the feel of cellulite


shame is, her front is pure bliss,

but how can I explain my plight?

she's proud of her plump ...

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at right angles to beauty,

geometry's not my friend,

full reservoirs of make-up

my proportions won't mend


other girls seem so pretty

my torso's a basket case

lobster nose, carrot hair,

mirrors crack at my face


I dream of drastic surgery

features lissom and new

Romeos on my doorstep

aftershaves in a queue


each day flushed torture

in a self-consc...

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sensitive about her body

gym doing physical jerks

I praised her endeavours

my flattery usually works


then came a stupid row

for jealousy of her friends

that fresh independence

envy ease of mind rends


my criticisms undermine

confidence to be curbed

barbed comments, digs

her self-worth disturbed


warned her shape awry

put her mind on the rack


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Breath On The Mirror

It is going to come
 as some surprise
To those who think
 that I am wise

But I hardly know
 what's right to do
And I've probably done
 far less than you

I'm nothing much
 make nothing different
I'm usually stuck
 so much for wisdom

It makes me sad
 to fall so short
Not what I hoped
 I'd be at all.

But this is not
 the final me
I can be more
 than what I've been

And in...

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Some like a hearty breakfast, others just a roll

You need fuel in your furnace to face life's rigours

Yet some agonise over their self-image

Wayward minds obsessing about their figures


I'm not surprised you keep fainting

I've told you till I'm blue in the face

Cottage cheese and a slice of Ryvita

Leaves you reeling all over the place


You staggered and all but fain...

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