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A Heart With No History

When I saw your wayward ways

My heart switched into reverse

This was far from what I wanted

An outcome so plainly perverse


Yours was a heart with no history

We were strangers, noon till night

The one I married was a mystery

A mirror that reflected no light


Tales you told me of your past

Turned out to be little but fiction

I stood next to a stranger when


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Taken - Poem by Marie

You took me just a child, you abused my trust saying that you loved me 

I felt safe locked tight in the arms of you my lover, it was all a lie 

Thinking we would be forever I was happy to make you happy in all ways 

Little did I know I was a food for your ego a toy to play with, fire to fuel 

I turned my back on my fame, and friends, and my so precious teenage years 


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