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My Wishes

I wish I could have no troubling thoughts or considerations,

And that I felt only pleasing sensations.

I wish I could have more self-esteem.

And that I could live the loveliest dream.

I wish that in strife I could stay strong,

And that I could right every wrong.

I wish all problems I could correct

And all things in life would be perfect.

Sometimes I wish I could depart this...

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HopesStuart VannerWishes

A Wish List

Sometimes I remember those old days,

Days of neglect and the novel ways….

Stood in line and waited in frays,

Dimmed, damned but didn’t let go the craze,

Although today I have come of age,

But somewhere inside the youth still plays.


The bandwidth was limited then,

It’s only today I’ve come across the Zen…

My brain wouldn’t process the hymn,

The heart would only beat ...

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the girl with the curves wishes she was thinner

the girl with narrow hips wishes her breasts were bigger


the girl with the acne wishes her skin was clear

the girl with clear skin wishes her freckles would disappear 


the girl with intelligence wishes she was pretty

the girl with beauty wishes classes were easy


the girl with straight hair wishes it was curly

the g...

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Never have I  not ponder over you, but seeing you everyday is like a fresh air.Never have I seen the the innermost part of that deep sea which you always carry but I have hope.

Never have I not wished for us but fate is like a game between two players seking a goal. Everyday I feel these monsters with me but my thoughts keep on searching for a new light.

Never have you wished for me again, n...

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My wishes

entry picture

I want to live, I want to love,

I want to value someone,

I want to be just brave enough

to tell how much I love you.

I want to value all my friends,

to give them love and joy,

I want to visit merry lands

where no one is annoyed.

I want to live, I want to fly,

in all to be the best,

and may be one day go as high

as to the alluring Everest.

I want to have a magic wish


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Sixteen Wishes

entry picture

  I wished I wasn’t so sensitive.

I wished the raised hands of my dad 
couldn’t smack tears into my eyes

I wished to vanish behind the black 
curtains of my shut eyes

I wished I didn’t mind that my white mum 
visited my school wearing African robes

I wished I didn’t believe in ghosts
so I could keep my stain in those shadows

I wished my home wasn’t broken
my parents cou...

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