A Wish List

Sometimes I remember those old days,

Days of neglect and the novel ways….

Stood in line and waited in frays,

Dimmed, damned but didn’t let go the craze,

Although today I have come of age,

But somewhere inside the youth still plays.


The bandwidth was limited then,

It’s only today I’ve come across the Zen…

My brain wouldn’t process the hymn,

The heart would only beat fifty seven;

Slow mind but a steady demon,

Nothing to rescue – occult and omen.


The body cells deplete fast…

Age milestone and I am aghast,

Mind contagious and desires vast,

I wonder where I am, lured and lost.

If wishes were horses I’d have my last,

I am just a matter of dust and contrast.


The ticklish feeling again rose,

Transmitting signals from my toes,

Adding to my worries and my woes.

More than pals I made foes,

And perhaps my story this way goes,

One fine day the chapter shall close.


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