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I see a faint lightness over the black of the hillside.

Stars a million miles overhead lose a slight edge.

Mist dances illuminated by her Moon Goddess.

Clouds high overhead come and go as stars sparkle, iridescent.

Excited I wait, soon she will be here. Patience now…

There! My Moon Goddess lifts my spirits, serene and spiritual.

I drift out of my...

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lunamoonrisenatureskytogether as one

Grimm und Grimmer

could  there  ever  have  been

aught  but  harm

from  such  shrew  whipped

an  abusive  storm


where  it  lead  through

the  corpse  grass

crumbed  trail

of  bloodied  path


stumbled  upon  weather  torn

enduring  pile 

chimney  stacked

nefarious  smile


that  leering  promontory

single  tooth

like  fabled  hag

who  feas...

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abusegrimmhansel and gretelmodern fairytale

OpenMind website updates

We're proud to announce that our website has undergone renovations.

Please take a look at the new affiliated artist pages and the OpenMind Collective page.

OpenMind Collective


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OpenMind: Slamming September Poster | OpenMind: Slamming September |



entry picture

Here I am again

In an empty room

Full of people,

I have met so many nice people

But they have all been wrong,

I should give up

But I won’t.


Here I go again

Feeling lonely in a crowd

So many friends,

But no lover. There have been lovers

But not the right one,

Some say I try too hard

But I don’t.


Dare I hope again?

That some ...

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Paying The Price


I have no future

so I look back.

Dwelling in the present

drowning in the past.

I second guess

over what, at first,

I acted upon.

I shut the gate

lament the spilled milk.

I left

I did not look back.

Only to do so now.

No future do I see there.

exactly the same

as I did then.

I can only look behind

where I existed.


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Also by Steven Kenny:

Temporum Vitae |

Heliograph (for Sun Ra)

entry picture

photo credit Bill Cottman

Heliograph (for Sun Ra)

Earth found choices are few

                  When Earth isn’t home

Distortions are reflections of sadness

                  What sounds like chaos is fresh beginnings

Somewhere in collages of sound is un-imposed order

                           Organic beauty

Freedom between naiveté and ancient wisdom

Heliocentric realit...

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Also by J. Otis Powell‽ (with interrobang):

Phloem | Other’s Worlds | By Way Of Introduction | Reclaimed Names |

black holesgladiolasHeliographJ. Otis Powell‽jazzspace is the placeSun Raunimposed order

Lost Paths

Hi Everybody

 It's that time again and another new Poem is ready to be unleashed on the world. This time inspired by a photograph I took a couple of years ago in Arundel, Sussex. It has a bit of an old world feel this one which I think compliments the subject matter. Hope you enjoy it.


Lost Paths

Ancient bridges beneath crystal waters
Rotten dark and gone to slaughter

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Also by Matt Tilke:

The Communications Trilogy Pt:3 Telephone |


Angel of Peace

entry picture



Who could deny the outrage –

The futile point of the war

The horror and the gross carnage

No-one could fail to abhor

The mud and the blood of the trenches

The rats that fed at the feast

The daemons held check in our psyche

Inexorable once released.


Fast forward into the Thirties

As Nazis across Europe fanned

And Chamberlain proud of his ...

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Also by John Coopey:

Be Ye There Or Be Ye Square | Crossroads Motel | News of the World | The Assasseen | Whinge and Fucking Bleat |


You are suited for the night –
the thought of it welded in the limb,
a law with love asleep, turning over in the moon’s embrace.
I see you scale the wall with my tiger heart –
grip things incessantly with your dust filled mouth
and you frighten me without pretence; show me what it is to be
the victim of a woman –
my arching sob tilted into the tide...

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Also by Marianne Daniels:

Scarecrow |

Fireflies in Glass Jars

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confessional poetryfree formfree verse

Today's the day

entry picture

Today's the day.  Click "Start", then click "Shut Down",
then order twenty pizzas on their dime,
then (slice in hand) break down this office door
and flip the Chairman's picture one last time.
Then tearing off your clothes, run down the hill,
dig through the woods, bathe naked in the stream,
and when you feel your stress is washed away,
stand up, and facing heaven, scream your scr...

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It Takes Courage ...sometimes

It Takes Courage to say Yes or No - sometimes..

It Takes Courage to stay or go - sometimes..

It Takes Courage to be who you really are - sometimes..

It Takes Courage to Laugh and to Smile - but not all of the while, just - sometimes..

It Takes Courage to face adversity and other bad times - sometimes..

It Takes Courage to keep  sharing and caring and trusting - sometimes..


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Also by Graham Robinson:

'Time' - A Triolet |



Thinking about Lynn Dye's "Oblivious" on WOL......


What happiness to live alone

And all the washing up's your own

To do - or leave for just a while

For later on - and then I smile

At the thought of flushing soap

From dish to sink - no time to mope;

And after that - my dirty duds

Waiting for the cleansing suds;

Domestic chores I tend to see

As inexpe...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:

THE WRONG SONG | TELL HIM - a lyric for all those Women in Country! |

Isabella Rose

entry picture

Sweet Isabella

In a just a few months of life

Your heart has touched ours.

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Also by Shirley Smothers:

Dolls |


entry picture

I dont see the world
In a usual way,
glass walls keep reality at bay.
No rope can tether me,
friendships lost road
now distant memory. Not known
in present, nameless in past.
Who am I?

In a box that wont open
I exist, lid slammed
shut by Invisible fists.
In realisation my confusion
reigns. Liquid years I
hammer like nails,
In a House half built,
that can't be en...

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Also by Richard Alfred:

Kite |

Becoming Mr. Nobody

Ageing continues wageing its wrinkling,bone crumbling war my foot can longer jam in to stop time closing the door   Moreso I,m biting bullets from each coming days guns I,m deafening to you,killing clock and your tick tocking wastage of suns   My costume of absence will arrive soon I know my body sized room awaits in the dark world below  ...

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Blessed Is The Marriage

entry picture

Blessed is the sacred
Depression of the woman
In the bedroom of mirrors

Blessed is the dead man
Who feeds her
Marching here and there
With broken porcelain

Blessed is the cat
Who lives between them
Inside the room stinking with sleepers

Blessed is the house they call home
Whose walls are cracked
And racked with guilt and mold

Blessed is the child who may
Or may not be born
Blessed is the work still to be done


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Also by Tom Harding:

Quince Tree | Polaroid |

The Autumn Is Coming

entry picture


The autumn is coming,

The August is charming,

But the rain often darkens the sky,

And I know, you certainly love me

As I once long ago loved you.


Why the yearning

Is burning inside you?

Why are you so sad when with me?

Why in August the dreams

Can’t be sweet as in spring?


The rowan is reddish

But not for the anguish

Rain drops k...

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Also by Larisa Rzhepishevska:

I Am As I Am | Hot Summer | Elijah the Prophet |

autumnlove song

All of which is now irrelevant.

When i'm bothered I spill my guts at will the physical affects the effect of the dream that I have. I am tired and I can't bee arsed with this arse."What you say?"Yeah its true that it changes, game plan ranges bit by bit. Lets try this, see if we can fuck over this bitch.Its a shame its a shame that this bitch is who?"You know who"Its the same. Impatience takes the piss, I didn't even want thi...

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Don't ever think that you could be naive,
just because violent deaths make you grieve,
for the choice to kill is itself an unwordly act,
beheading party goers is abhorrent, that's a fact
for to kill is only to invite revenge to come your way,
many can be sure that is how they will die one day.
In the long history of violence it is plain to see,
those that...

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Also by Dave Dunn:

They All Concurred | A Life Too Short |


How did it come to be, who allowed it?



How was hope gagged by the morbidity of this false democracy?

How did it come to be?


How is it that petroleum was changed for weapons?

How did it come to be, who allowed it?


It is inevitable to react.


There is in my soul a line that lies between the darkness and pain, poking me, and this condition pushes me to the limit in where I bleed and I fa...

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Also by Noris Roberts:

It is my silence! | Do not ask me who I am... | My alter ego... | I imagined | I request ... |




Washing up is a mysterious thing

that happens in the kitchen

normally after meals

although he is never completely sure of this.

Sometimes he decides to be helpful

and takes a glass, a mug or a tea-plate out

placing it down right in the middle

of a cleared, washed down work-top,

completely ignoring that neat little stack

of dirty crockery over in the cor...

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Come and See: Be Witness

entry picture

Come and See: Be Witness

Monday 27th August 2012 


Come and see

Young Alexander whoes shadow

is cast upon the arm of a man at rest.

Declares of him 'It is yours, just ask,

I will grant you all that you request.'



Come and see, 

push upon the open door, as

three youngst...

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Bloody Valentine | School playing fields: |

Beyond All Illusion

                                                Beyond All Illusion





     I’m losing friends

Friends that once walked the same

Pace as I,

Walked the same path –

Banged out the same sand

From worn - down boots.


     I’m losing friends

Who once stood against

Bombs and bullets,

     But they’re dying slow

Deaths and sudden,


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Also by Noetic-fret!:

Destination Unknown | For Riley |

Roy the decoy

Police officers were seeking drink drivers in Blackburn bars.

At closing time, Roy tripped over a step, tried his keys in 5 different cars.

Everyone left and quickly drove away,

But soon they were to discover DRINK DRIVING DOESN'T PAY.

"Breathe into this bag ,"said a very serious cop.

"No point,"said Roy,"not touched a drop."

The policeman smiled and said to Roy,


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Also by hugh:

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Poem from Prague



Your text message:


Where are you when I need your love?

All you offer is the darkness of your rage

If loving me is such a difficult religion

Maybe my death will wipe the anger from the page


Bohemia is here, it’s where it started

And is coiled within these walls

I can hear the venom calling

And drips poison in me, then crawls



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Also by Katy Megan Hughes:

Character | Immortal | Yow |

lovelove poemlove poetry

Someone Else's Sorrow

entry picture

I picture you in someone else’s room -

In bed - a stranger’s ceiling overhead,

Awake in the gloom; feeling unfulfilled,

Cheerless and chilled by secrets left unsaid.


You’re wearing your usual man costume –

A routine face; average arms for regular embrace:

The suit you assume (crustacean casing)

For slapdash debasing and slipshod disgrace.


Whilst I, si...

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Also by Charlie Preston:

Greetings Card Verses | Do You Remember When... |

'ThePoetry Spoke' August - Open floor & Guests.

entry picture

'ThePoetry Spoke'

Great poetry and acoustic music

This Tuesday - 28th August- doors open 8pm


La Gondola

22a Liscard Crescent

Wallasey- The Wirral

CH44 1AE (a stones throw over the Mersey from Liverpool)

Check us out in the gig guide...


Our Guest Poet

David R. Mellor

'Powerful Stuff' think Independent radio.  'A feel for words' say BBC radio....

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Also by Chris Co:

Wirral Ode Show Open Mic August- plus poetry filming. |

Billy Brown

Billy Brown, you're a rogue

With your wandering eyes

And your soft, lilting brogue

And your plausible sighs....


Billy Brown, there's no doubt

This I know, certain, sure

How I've felt many a clout

And I've dodged many more


From your big, heavy fist

When the drink made you mad -

Next day, sorry, you kissed

Me, repentant and sad




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entry picture

Emerald seas, with corrugated sands below and waters with changing degrees give pleasure to skin and mind as they blissfully eddy us along.

Peace perfect peace is the gift of Turkey. Breathe, see, hear and smell and take it all in, including the heat. Embrace it, you were meant for it.

We snorkel in rocky pools with different kinds of fish. Some long with sand coloured granular bodies, ...

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Moon invited to launch of Pressed by Unseen Feet

entry picture

The August Blue Moon has been invited to the launch of Pressed by Unseen Feet, an anthology of poetry and short stories on the theme of the spectral unexpected. The evening is hosted by the Hotel du Vin in their courtyard with the sliding roof. Everyone is welcome. There is a small charge of £6 which includes a copy of the anthology and opportunity to hear Newcastle based singers, Skylark Song.


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AnthologyBlue MoonGhostsLaunchSkylark Song


ITT STEREO 45 AND 33 rpm,



It’s time to put you on the shelf

But I do want to hear you again,

Reminding me of times and places

Long gone faces of yesteryear,

Tragically hip to the core

I find I need you more, more, and more.

But my iPod is calling me to a relationship

Of convenience!

Seducing me with its be...

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.... 'THEE INTERNET' ....

entry picture

... Its a BIG WORLD out there,

plenty of fish so beware!

For on thee internet darkness lies,

dont be fooled just be wise.

For us singles times are hard,

for the internet the truth be barred!

Places we go people we meet,

the internet is where we seek.

The 'WIDE WEB' is today's thing,

but danger lurks,

the bells ring.

Watchful eye,

open heart,


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I have followed the death columns

and know which devotees are left

to be buried and downtrodden

in hope and faith up to their necks.

The consummate professional

would not betray your confidence;

the babbling confessional

cannot be used as evidence.

You might consider changing your address –

they’re giving me the lie detector test.  


All you middle-a...

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  Quietly, she spoke of tea, toast, the after smell of cigars,
Let us say we met in a room: curtained, peeling, private.
Briefly she consulted the winter afternoon,
Reviewed the deadening, leadening sky.

It was discreetly done.
No presences danced beyond no lifted curtains.
Darkness had silted us away.

Words, like spoons, stirred the air,

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Also by John E Marks:




hurled from a train

a slayer hides his trail

viscera and latex gloves

paraphernalia of death

a victim’s final breath

concealed in nettle beds


he knew the ropes

watched ‘the bill’

forensic sweeps

the opposition camp

combing a gory room

for minute threads


time to relax he thinks

enjoy the buzz

leading the fuzz

their merry dan...

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The Piper

entry picture

The Piper

I am the piper,

I marched with the Roman Legions

I played, as row in row the short sword’s stabbed deeply

I played my music to the accompaniment of clash of sword and shield in Bannockburn in 1314

I played as the blood ran

I played an encore at ‘The Battle of the Clans’ in 1396

To cries of anguish blood and death

And down through history my music played...

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Also by Thaumaturgically Charged:

Of Viking valor and Buddhist dreams |




rock in a storm

sunk with the cliche

butter drunk with compliments and doe eyes 

i gave you all my surpises like a rabbit in headlights.


i liked it

i liked falling

listening with twitchy ears

soft furred unfocussed mad march passed us and asked for a cup of tea

it was funny then

i loved to give up my thoughts

and our ideas

were like ...

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Also by Rachel Bond :

for you | water |

My Gangstar Gal

entry picture


WHOOOOOSH the smoke from her bang just filled the air

As it made her feel high in the air

She couldn’t hear from anybody coz she was a don’t care

And if beer was to buy her she could be a millionaire

She was brown in complexion but in body she was fare

She could go with a matatu but paid no fare

Because her beauty in shape made many to admire


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Also by kerry kipsome:

The Battalion of Hearts | How Will it be? |

In Qala

In Qala (pronounced Ala)

I stopped opposite the steps

of the ancient church.


Time to chill, relax

take in some sun,

some local beer.


The smell of Gozitan cuisine

wafting on the promise

of a reasonably priced menu.


The lady who runs the place

leaning through the hatch in the door

explaining her purpose.

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Also by Mal Foster:

A Summer of Adolescence | Something I Wrote |

GozoIn QalaMalta

Pixie / Minnie / Asia

entry picture

It's a very sad day when a Loved one dies

human or animal we all only have one life

so we gotta live it up for the ones that pass

too the fullest on this earth is what I'm aiming at.

So let's up those downs and make the bad more better.

Even if you're feeling like shit or rained on by bad weather

you can overcome the end of this glitch called living

by cooking up you...

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amendscoolfriendshipfrogtownhappyjarvikool 9 livesmattmidwestminnesotaMNtalitypoetryrainreliefremembersadsaint paulsavingSt. Paulsunshinetimetrauma

Mill Music

The loom is a stave that cotton falls on,
sometimes looks like music notes to the whimsical.

We lie with our backs flat to the cold stone-
never take our eyes off it. Every so often
there is a hiss of movement as one of us skims
from our bottom G, climbs a note or two,
picks a semi-quaver, and falls fast.
All for a tuppence. Not even enough for fruit.
Sometimes one of us is slow...

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Also by Charlotte Henson:

Coelacanth |


entry picture




Living on the edge of town

We never smell the petrol fumes

Or the farmer’s muck spreader

No sound of breaking beer glasses

No bleating of new born lambs

Here where countryside meets city

It’s like being in Limbo

Neither one thing nor the other

Living on the edge of town


In our suburban gardens

We can pretend to be rural


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A - Z of Sex

A is for anal, hard and fast

B is for bareback, cock sailing full mast.

C is for cum cannon shot, orifice ahoy,

D is for my dick, your favourite sex toy.


E is for ecstasy as I suspend you tantrically,

F is for fuck, no time for romantically.

G is for gag as you're gasping for air,

H is for the hard on I'm rocking downstairs.


I is for insatiable, ...

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Also by Ushiku Crisafulli:

OpenMind: Slamming September |


That Girl




She’s a kind of a paradox, that girl

Its not that I even like her at all

I just love her, that’s all


She’s a strange one, that girl

I mean, I’m not sure if she even likes me at all

I just love her, that’s all


She’s a young one, that girl

Much younger than me and tall

And I don’t even like girls that tall

I just love her, that’s a...

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girlloveyoung girl

From Winnie

entry picture


Dear Ian this is my final letter
I've no need to write anymore
So burn that sealed envelope
That sits in your advocates drawer
Dear Ian my waiting is over
Dear Ian my time has come
So fare thee well I hope you rot in hell
A mother has found her son


© (Jonathan Barrington (Words Escape Me) 2012

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Winnie Johnson Keith Bennett

THE Obsession of my desire ( part 2 )

entry picture

Words of your Adore you send to me,

With hints of lies of what will be.

Silent undertones of controlled remorse,

Rattle the fabric of my bones.....

A thousand times you ring to have your way,

No mention of the violence and the play.

The threats you shout, Abuse and Aggression,

Consume me like shroud !!!


Then every week in moments bleak,

On my doorstep, ...

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Also by Tracey Bucknell:

The obsession of my desire ( part 1 ) | IGNITED |

entry picture

King 1 - Queen 2


Wath - Queen of Villages reigned

in her flower garden

her turnip grubbing fields

her pig pens and her byres

subjects tugging forelocks

native speech a country slide

years before the pits


When Wigan coalpits died

the King - black in workings underground

emerged in Wath to drag her subjects down

drawing men across the border


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I liked tobacco far too much,

The coffin nail, the weak mans crutch,

I gave it up I’m pleased to say,

And chased those Passing Clouds away.


Cream cakes were once another vice,

A single one would not suffice,

I guzzled pastries by the score ,

But now would want for not one more.


I tried barbiturates in the day,

They chased the ...

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I bore you on a day

During the season of

The purple thistle


If I were a farmers


I would have known

The day before

From the stars

And the suns position


Since I am not

The happy surprise

Greets my eye

A day after

The purple thistle



And I bore you

This day

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