So How Nottingham Were You?

“eight Shippo’s a night youth

with a pack of No.6

loyal to the local economy

proud of where I lived,

never owned a Chopper though,

much to my chagrin,

every other Saturday

Trent End hooligan

serial movie matinees

at the ABC

a penny got the first one in

who let the others in for free

meet me at the Lions

don’t you know your left from right

later in the Market Square

old Elton seemed to have it right

no Saturday was quite complete

without the sound of running feet

and Sunday mornings up the caff

we’d cut the ale with week old grease”


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Paul Sands

Thu 23rd Aug 2012 11:32

Yes? The less fine establishments had it on tap in a endless loop from the urinals

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John Coopey

Wed 22nd Aug 2012 22:00

Honest Piss Ale (anag)

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