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In Qala

In Qala (pronounced Ala)

I stopped opposite the steps

of the ancient church.


Time to chill, relax

take in some sun,

some local beer.


The smell of Gozitan cuisine

wafting on the promise

of a reasonably priced menu.


The lady who runs the place

leaning through the hatch in the door

explaining her purpose.

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GozoIn QalaMalta

A Summer of Adolescence

As children we came up here

pretending to be soldiers with our

green plastic helmets and long sticks.


We built a camp beneath the trees,

dug down into a hovel and covered it

with corrugated iron that had been

dumped in a skip.


We lived here that whole summer.

Holed up, waiting for an invisible enemy

or other kids on bikes.


Near the end o...

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A Summer of Adolescence

Something I Wrote

Something I wrote

was for you

a letter

torn between the tears,

I wrote it in despair

then forgot.


I find your answer

in a bottom drawer.

I read it through

and after

some eight or nine years now

your scent

still lingers

at the end of each paragraph.

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Something I Wrote

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