A - Z of Sex

A is for anal, hard and fast

B is for bareback, cock sailing full mast.

C is for cum cannon shot, orifice ahoy,

D is for my dick, your favourite sex toy.


E is for ecstasy as I suspend you tantrically,

F is for fuck, no time for romantically.

G is for gag as you're gasping for air,

H is for the hard on I'm rocking downstairs.


I is for insatiable, I fuck like a beast.

J is for jizz, a one man bukkake feast.

K is for kryptonite as your touch is mine,

L is for lust, tingling toe to spine.


M is for money shot, the first of many,

N is for neverending sexual fun.

O is for orgasm sustained and steady.

P is for penetrate, any one of your holes.


Q is for quivering as we both lose control.

R is for restraints if we choose to get kinky,

S is for spanking, sensual slapping of flesh.

T is for tantric, where hours of pleasure resides.


U is for uncontrollable eros between you and I.

V is for video, a voyeuristic dream,

W is for wet as we both squirt and cream.

X is for X-Rated as boundaries are broken like the table we fuck on.


Y is for yelling at the top of your lungs,

Zzzzzzzzzz is for bedtime cuddles when we're finally done.


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