Moon invited to launch of Pressed by Unseen Feet

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The August Blue Moon has been invited to the launch of Pressed by Unseen Feet, an anthology of poetry and short stories on the theme of the spectral unexpected. The evening is hosted by the Hotel du Vin in their courtyard with the sliding roof. Everyone is welcome. There is a small charge of £6 which includes a copy of the anthology and opportunity to hear Newcastle based singers, Skylark Song.


The evening will include short readings by writers from the anthology and there will be a short open mic for guests to share their poems of the unexpected.


This is the fourth themed anthology in a series that is intended to encourage and support the development of York and Yorkshire writers. The incredible quality of the material included in this book demonstrates that this programme is a great success; and York should be proud that it is a centre for British creative writing.


The publishers, Stairwell Books, are grateful to the Hotel du Vin for their support for this event.


We have a need to explain the unexplainable, to bring reason to the unreasonable. This passion for rationality fills the psyche with imps and fairies, spirits and sprites: earthquakes, thunder and sudden death surely the work of capricious Gods, or witches. In a world where death is the gateway to eternal life, it is easy to imagine that those who have fallen on the way to their just reward, good or bad, will hang about to rain a little retribution on those they deem responsible for their poor navigation. Not so far from our living selves, then!

Is all this just imagination? Is it not possible that entities exist outside of our abilities to sense them; for caverns to possess profound intelligence; for lost loved ones to watch over us; for our own selves to have abilities we cannot sense or control?

This collection explores the space our spirits KNOW is there, even though we cannot prove or disprove its existence. Very few of us have never experienced something that should not, could not, have happened: but did.  Pressed by Unseen Feet may help you remember.


Who can fail to be impressed by Pauline Kirk’s Cavern, annoyed by pesky humans, Steve Nash’s rather hungry rabbit, Jim Fairfoot’s invisible pizza, and many other twists and turn-ups. York story teller, Adrian Spendlow adds to the shiver with some truly gory effects; we learn about Uncle Clarrie’s brush with the ethereal; about Vikings who haven’t quite left yet; and of course, the moon makes a guest appearance too.

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