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What I look for in a woman

I want a woman

who knows she's beautiful but still lets me tell her;

a woman who'll grab my hand

when she feels like she can't go any further;

a woman who'll still kiss me

when I haven't had a shave in about a year;

a woman who knows

that she casts away my blues whenever she's near.


You see...

I want a woman

who knows that no matter how hard life ge...

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Currently Untitled

(Poetry experiment after reading some Etheridge Knight.)

The young girls and
the young boys
all sit and play with
their new toys,
but at the risk of
sounding like an old fogey;
these new toys aren't
like our toys used to be.


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Another Kid by Matthew Derbyshire

(This goes out to the young boys and girls

who have to grow up

in this messed up

excuse for a world.)


Another kid's been stabbed:

it's on the news show.

I don't know what he's done;

maybe he's said something that's angered someone,


but we may never know.


Another kid's been raped;

she wants no-one to know.

She's just too fearful


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SpitTeens Spoken Word project

I've started a project to get teenagers into spoken word. You can see my poetry videos on http://youtube.com/spitteens and see what's going on and what others are posting on http://facebook.com/spitteens


whatever you do, dont google it.


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Incredible by Matthew Stuart Derbyshire






To the kid who's terrible at maths;

the one who thinks he's never going to pass;

the one who always seems to be at the bottom of the class:


you are incredible.


To the kid with the disability;

the one who has the ability

to be whoever or whatever it is that he wants to be:


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Random Haikus I've posted on Facebook

Sat here on facebook.
Should be writing poetry.
"Stop messing! Start work!"


Writing a haiku
about writing a haiku
is really boring.


She always uses
angry alliteration
it's so annoying!

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Inbox Me

Inbox Me


No-one cares if Justin Bieber is better then One Direction!

No-one cares if One Direction are fitter then Justin Bieber!

But the girls wont stop their silly arguments about them.

No-one cares if you're a 1D fan or if your a Belieber.

And the same goes for the Black Veil Brides fans.

All of these arguments are never-ending.

I'm annoyed by all these twee...

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Another Ugly Duckling

There once was an ugly duckling

who slit her wrists open.

Everyone had thought

calling her a bitch

would be great fun.


She didn't.



The blood came gushing from her veins

as she lay in the bath.

She let it all go;

it was all over;

over at last.


She felt free.



They had made her a Facebook page:

“Angela loves pu...

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Not Good Enough

Not good enough! Not good enough!

You'll never have any girlfriends.

Not good enough! Not good enough!

You don't deserve to have a friend.

Not good enough! Not good enough!

You're not into the latest trends.

Not good enough! Not good enough!



be all alone


to your end.



You are completely disgusting.

Everyone thinks your mi...

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bullyingself esteem

My Sister Bought Me A Bookmark

My sister bought me a bookmark.

At least, that's what I think it is.

On it is a picture of 2 penguins and beneath them the words

“Some people make the world more special, just by being in it.”


My name is Matthew

which is Hebrew for “gift of God”.

That's a hard thing to live up to!


It must mean I need to work hard;

I must have to change the world.


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My latest poem

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forgiveness on youtbe

I recently posted a poem on youtube




enjoy, i'll b posting more soon

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Sat broken

Sat broken,

smashed by my own lusts.

Yet I find you still here, picking up the pieces.


Again I've done you wrong.

But again I find you putting me back together,

making me whole.


How can I deserve this,

after what I've done.


I don’t deserve this,

and yet, still,

I find you here.

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