Mill Music

The loom is a stave that cotton falls on,
sometimes looks like music notes to the whimsical.

We lie with our backs flat to the cold stone-
never take our eyes off it. Every so often
there is a hiss of movement as one of us skims
from our bottom G, climbs a note or two,
picks a semi-quaver, and falls fast.
All for a tuppence. Not even enough for fruit.
Sometimes one of us is slow.
We cover our eyes until the mess is clean again.

In the evenings, we collect our slim coins, head home
through the streetlights and welcoming rain,
with the taste of plums in our mouths.

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winston plowes

Thu 23rd Aug 2012 23:51

Superb writing. x

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Charlotte Henson

Wed 22nd Aug 2012 16:36

These comments pretty much made my day :) thank you for your feedback!

<Deleted User> (6315)

Wed 22nd Aug 2012 11:04

You take us there Charlotte..this is my first reading and it needs more than one..enjoyed the audio too..


<Deleted User> (7073)

Wed 22nd Aug 2012 00:23

A condensley atmopheric poem, founded on a dark period in time. I live in an old Mill town and have seen exhibits of what depravation's those young girls had to endure.
The sad thing is that this did not go away, they exported the equipment to poorer countries for worker exploitation at a later time.

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Tue 21st Aug 2012 21:38

This is lovely and beautifully read. You can hear and imagine that small child. You make it seem so easy - but it really isn't to write poetry like this.

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Anthony Emmerson

Tue 21st Aug 2012 18:34

This is beautiful - and tragic - Charlotte. It rewards several, slow re-readings with its subtlety and sonority. Loved the audio too - perfectly paced and intoned. The best read I've had for ages.


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Laura Taylor

Tue 21st Aug 2012 09:22

I do love this - I've said before I think. Such a tight piece, containing so much.

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