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Where are you when I need your love?

All you offer is the darkness of your rage

If loving me is such a difficult religion

Maybe my death will wipe the anger from the page


Bohemia is here, it’s where it started

And is coiled within these walls

I can hear the venom calling

And drips poison in me, then crawls


Where are you my love?

My savage jealous night

The toxin has me now

And paralysed, I feel just right


My reply:


And outside that crumbling wall

I will for you to collapse and fall

Into the suffocating poisoned dark

Where my love will constrict and scar


Bohemia did not start there

And does not end just anywhere

It belongs under the spell of me

And you are trapped and I am free


Return your love to its rightful place

Do not let time erode and waste

Escape the monotony of the same

Embrace the anger and enjoy the shame


© Katypoetess 2012



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Yvonne Brunton

Mon 27th Aug 2012 21:44

Hugh said it all. love is not always sweetness and light. It can be corrosive too and you have really captured that here Katy.this makes me shiver. Great!

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Andy N

Mon 27th Aug 2012 12:00

that's really clever with a stinging last line. would have took me ages to respond by text though - lol.

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Sun 26th Aug 2012 12:00

Poignant,poisonous and perfect--Well done Katy !

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