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in the skyline scheme of things

cranes swing laden crates on

weighted jibs – the building ribs

ascend in daily dribs and drabs

making inroads to a downward slope


over the recent months i’ve watched

the lower levels grow to

conglomeration size a network of

materials sunk in pylons through the

earth adjacent to the railway arch



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Also by Philipos:




“If I dyed my hair red,” She cooed,

“The sun would be jealous,

and dip her fingers into herself.”

He felt the swish of her hair

as she crouched to stroke the lake;

a smudge of strawberry on his cheek.


She grated the moon’s reflection with her hands

and sighed,

“see how pale my arm is in the night”

and bit her hands together like a dove.


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Also by Marianne Daniels:

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My life Story, innit

I went to the doctor’s this morning, what did she say…. That is a line from a famous song. So I told her my story. She was dazzled, innit.


I had a brain haemorrhage on 1.10 1995. I survived 13 days with blood easing into my cranial cavity (nice words). Went to my doctor, what did he say….. go to bed and take two aspirin. Had a fit three times…. Out came the paramedics – what did they ...

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The Colosseum

It’s Sunday morning, 10 am,

and I am only vaguely interested in reading the papers

and yet, I read them still,

ever hopeful of something more than the dross & drivel &

TV guide within.

This instant kwik-fix world of ours is media-filtered through a

thin dusty veil of mediocrity, sound bytes & news, news, news.

It’s all tits & tattoos, TV ratings & the Time Team Dig.


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Laura's lullaby (song)‏

Goodnight,              I love you
Sweet dreams,       My Angel
I watch you,             What are you thinking
Peaceful,                  Calm now
Drifting,                     Into dreamland
Goodnight,               My Angel
Sweet dreams,        I love you
Goodnight,              I love you
Sweet dreams,       My Angel
I watch you,             You are sleepi...

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Mumbling thoughts

Mumbling thoughts

Subtle corruption
A social disease
Lifes disruption
Manipulating good qualities
Saints to sinners
Good to bad
Low lifes to winners
The sane become mad
That is the world today
Something no one can explain
An unknown force makes a play
In what is slowly turning into a catastrophic chain

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Question 17

Question 17 on the census form “is left intentionally blank.”

Pull the other one: there was a question there once.


Do you surreptitiously pick your nose

when you think no one is looking?

Do you have trouble sleeping /

get up in the night at all hours,

worrying about things left undone,

or things you did, and shouldn’t have?


Are you happy in your job/ ...

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Inward Reasons

entry picture





On a hand-hewn pedestal

imagination coalesced;

on milk-white face alight

eyes sparkle with a liquid flame.


Some build ivory towers,

these hands raw from driven labour,

on scratched cheeks a stricken eye

ransoms a sculpted orphan dream.


Across time and Middle Sea

another calloused hand chiselled;

laughter on a pine-white...

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A man after my own heart

An ‘I want U’ loveheart, I thought it was cute
at first, but now I have uncovered the truth
it wasn’t a gesture intended  to be sweet
instead you just saw me as something to eat
I was totally wrong to think it impressive
that’s you’d offer take me shopping for dresses
to think I’d end up in Topshop was just plain silly
you meant to say dressings and were thinking sweet chilli
you just wanted my arms, l...

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Learning To Read

entry picture

Learning To Read


Words abandoned me

When I were at Primary

Didn’t make sense no more

Like when me Dad and me

Made up stories

And created crazy characters

Like Fezzypeg

Who me Dad said were a cat

That owned a record shop

And talked and walked on his hind legs

And though I couldn’t always keep in mind

Everything I was told at other times


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Also by Gemma Lees:

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Steak 'n' Blow-Job Day

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(I don't often do political stuff)



I stood opposed to this in every way -

That’s Cameron’s threat to public holidays;

The essence of the Tory plan’s

To undermine the working man

And scrap one Labour first began

That’s in the month of May.


My views have changed though now, I have to say,

Once the explanation came my way;

The new alternative’s...

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And what will be then?


What will be tomorrow?

Tomorrow will be April.

Hearts will be struck by the love arrow,

They will not be stable.


So, what to do now?

Is it just natures caprice?

Allow your feelings be somehow avowed!

Don’t let your feelings to crease!


Look for the truth in the gentleness of spring!

Ding, ding! Listen to the bells ring!

Forget the trouble...

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Also by Larisa Rzhepishevska:

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Oh look! here comes the postman

With letters in his hands.

I hope he's brought something for me -

More red elastic bands.

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Also by Dave Carr:

Natasha |

Anish and the Moon

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There was a stone in the lake

And the moon in my hand

There was a stone in my hand

And the moon in the lake

I threw the stone and it became the moon

as it solidified in the water's space

Its mirror a world of twisting creatures,

all skin and fin; water bodies


I threw the moon and it became a stone

A pitted rough hewn chunk

as real as touch, its pres...

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Anish KapoorMoonmoon shadow.

Summer of Love

  a flashback

sun splattering us in technicolour,

stained with light

cheekbones aching,

currents thrumming

migraine hue at the edges

hearts beat faster

minds and eyes pinpoint

to infinite acuity

heads swell with

chests strain from

and laugh

Steps slapping


heads back and


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The Uninvited

Where's your mask baby?
You've come out from behind
that tarnished glass,
and your dying inside,
with your matchbox ticky tacky relationship,
and you pretend you don't want to run and hide.

So you play here.
Between the pages of the love
you never had,
always wanted,
but never had.
And you put on your strongest faces
trying to push me away.
Because I scare you.

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'New and invigorating ways to erode' - or 'the brain is impressively hard to control'

entry picture

The brain is impressively hard to control
And I find that very comforting.

It is easy to worry about our masters
They only want the best for us.
So when I find that they are finding NeW aNd InViGoRaTiNg WaYs To ErOdE mE
I do not worry
I am unique
As it is me that allows them to do so
And unlike the lab rats and the fruit flies
We aren’t stuck in cages
We are free
To consum...

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abstract surreal

Tricky Mickey

Mickey is a geezer with suitcases galore

With the kind of stuff you find inside your nans utility draw

Like a pair of garden shears that ain’t been used in years

A slightly rusty door handle and cotton buds for your ears


He flogs them down the market to tourists and the like

He’s Mickey to his mates but to the fuzz he’s known as Mike

The corner is his office where ...

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Also by Jack Pascoe:

The Big Society |

Up on the Roof (Strangeways)

entry picture











By all accounts It was little more than a protest. By all accounts It was little more than a protest But all I saw was The slates been Tossed off the roof. All I could hear was Them crashing Onto the floor With a element of surprise And the buzz of the guards Who were running Around below Like headless bees. All I c...

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Also by Andy N:

Spring is Coming |

Job InterviewsStrangeways

Plum blossoms in snow

entry picture

Plum blossoms in snow


Like a character from a Murakami story

Mr Nagata looks into the embers of his dying fire

And remembers.


Mr Nagata surveys the familiar images

And pulling the sack around his shoulders

Takes another sip of Ballantynes.


There is the girl who he tries to forget

Her black hair bobbed

Her white neck polished.


Mr Na...

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To, The Very Reverend Cloth Ears.


Good luck to you parishioners of Radcliffe,

The revs knows the ropes don’t you know,

If she puts it in mind that you’re fit enough,

She’ll give you some get up and go,

And you’ll wake from your wandering slumber,

And you’ll go off and do it with ease,

As you’ve had some gentle persuading,

That would have had God on his knee...

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Also by Christine Makin:

(untitled) |

Morton Arms Live- Guest Poet....Isobel!

entry picture

Great poetry and acoustic music night- Tonight 8pm!

The Morton Arms pub- Pasture road- The Wirral

CH46 7TQ

Guest Poet

WOL and Wigan's finest- the Iridescent!



Guest Musician the Soulful, the Sanguine, Liverpool's own

'Matt Reekie'

Open mic poetry -

A couple of first come first served musician slots too
Free Raffle- Free Sandwiches
Free ...

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entry picture

Above the natural prescision of all below

patched in cloud broken differences of night

he floats,

occasionally dipping to catch

or alighting

to bathe in the unreeling moonlight.


Slightly wind ruffled

he surveys,with clockwork fashioned turns of the head

listens intensely

for scurrying disturbances

between the the humming wind

and stoney scatte...

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one life

love is forever

so is life

one feeds the other

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Unemployment in Northern Ireland

I've written this about the rising unemployment in Northern Ireland and the severe consequences of it. This is what the future will look like if we don't do something about it:

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northern irelandperformancepoetryunemploymentvideo

The Student

Ten vodka bottles line her window ledge

at various stages of emptiness.

A report of some sort clings to each neck

measuring degrees of drunkenness.

She studies alone, these experiments

must be free from external influence.

Last night she finally drank to the dregs

and threw her conclusions up over the bed.

This morning she's doubting the evidence;

scientific ...

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Be not afraid

I am not afraid

Though fear is

Here throughout

I am not afraid

Though my head

Is in the clouds

And my heart

Is on my sleeve

I am not afraid because

Even if she pulls the plug

Or if some calamity

Befalls us

I will know in my soul

That love is beautiful

And that our love

Is true

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Also by Rebel Birmingham:

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Chaos magnet




You want to see angry?

I’ll show you angry

Try spending a day

In the life of me

Try fighting chaos constantly

And that clever twat mentality

Because common sense is history

They’re as thick as cattle

And I know I shouldn’t let them

But they rattle me


They’re infuriating


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Also by mike watts:

Losing it. | Emergency case | Going quietly |

when that daylight hit us again (inspired by Gareth Writer-Davies' Junk poem)

them rattling dirty hours


night melted away


the sun boiled up


and we were





straight off the



them days were


but essential

deadly but

so on fire


them days were

slow and


new and



we were doing something


reaching ou...

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Also by David Mac:

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No Jobs For A Man


I was the seventh child in a family of four,
the second born, do I need to say more?
Well perhaps I should fill in a few gaps,
or you could remain confused perhaps...

Yes I was the second boy born to my mother,
five girls came before me I did discover,
four boys in all were to follow my dad,
down to the dole queue, no jobs to be had.

No Jobs For A...

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Also by Dave Dunn:

Stars Would Gladly Cast Their Gleam | The Mortal Shore | I Miss You |


Body Parts

entry picture

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entry picture

Fox curls round

a rosequartz heart

in my garden.


Above her head

a rose is planted,

two dusky poppies


fresh from their pots.

Soon, around her heart

they will entwine

their roots.


In summer

we’ll remember her.


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Also by Ann Foxglove:

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A selection of words

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These are my most recent poems. They don't feel as good as some of the stuff I wrote about a year ago but thought I would share on here to see what people think. I'll post my older stuff at some point as well.


I guess these are inspired by the pressures of life and the expectation to be successful. And not forgetting love. And how it is absent. Enjoy.


Oh WELL, OH well, At le...

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Also by Martin Miles:

Trembling Hands |

How Can god Be When Spring Rains

Clamour of light

Aborted logic

From the severed objective

Plume of confusion

They call saviour.


I have read the book.

That standard manual

From which they hold it all

And I became bleach eyed

By it's discrepency.


There is nothing to say

But therefore.

And all our papered thoughts

Creased in the fold

Of their following.



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Also by Kealan Coady:

Health | Natural Disasters And Nuclear Foreplay | Interview. | Existentialullaby |

Old Alfie




Poor old Alfie,

Was so un'ealthy,

'e never watched 'is 'ealth,

'e buys dog food,

For 'is doggy,

But 'e eats it all 'imself.


So 'is doggy,

'e gets 'ungry,

'an 'e eats Alfie's bed,

Now when Alfie,

Gets un'ealthy,

'e got nowhere to lay 'is 'ead.

(c)Ledger de la Bald

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Routine is death; Death is routine

Leave home eight fifty five arrive nine twenty six

Leave home eight fifty six arrive nine twenty seven

Leave home eight fifty seven arrive nine twenty eight

Leave home eight fifty eight arrive nine twenty nine

Leave home eight fifty nine arrive nine thirty

Leave home nine o'clock die in head-on smash

Leave home one minute past nine arrive ten thirty two



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Also by Dave Bradley:

Our secrets | No point; point | Sausages | The Poem |

Abstract Notions

There is an itch in these veins.

Blood once flowed to seek fairer lands.

Existence was not enough to tame us.


At edges of cliff tops, towards riverbeds we yearned,

reaching out towards Lincoln green pastures.

Were once we painted with primary colours.


Barefooted, engulfing dissected oxygen,

We mix strife and strain with acid rain.

No freedom in minds...

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Litany of Lovers

entry picture

The first boy I kissed was a kind and courteous youth

With a motorbike and leather jacket he came across so smooth.

Our chaste late teenage romance seemed to feel like love

Til I left for study and he found someone else.

The second third and fourth have vanished without trace,

No memory remains; not a name nor a face.

The lips of this young lady always willingly upturned


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The bed blankets greet me soon after I'm back,

The sweet-spicy smell of chai tea is coming from the kitchen,

The carpet cushions my footsteps when I awaken

To go into the sitting room


I nearly never attempted to fathom,

How some so despise being in one place,

A call: "Collect your thoughts and valuables,

And leave them in sight of only you."


A perfect...

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Wild in the Wind (for PLC)

Just once

walking westward along the prom,

arms outstretched to pull the flow of the tide;

the car abandoned in a disabled bay,

headlights facing the sea head-on;

you - hair and coat wild in the wind,

laughing your truth out into the breeze;

laughing truth up to soar with the gulls;

breathing it back in,

grains of sand and salty air;

cars passing by both ...

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Also by Amy Ismay:

Bombed to Shore |

My book Air of Fall

Have a look at my book and any feedback appreciated , had a problem with the link but if you go to www.lulu.com and search air of fall will see it immediately

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Criminally Fragile

She writes down all the answers but she doesn’t raise her hand.

She bites her lip to keep her mouth from moving.

She never stays behind to ask a question after class:

she comes and goes and sits there, just achieving,


pushing up the school’s league table ranking,

never acting out or showing signs of EBD.

Her Belsen ribs, her jutting hipbones, are the things you’ll ...

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entry picture









if they could fade


into deep twilight's shade

I'd find rest and relief

yet my waiting's in vain


skies are moving





constantly hovering

they catch my eye

they leave me floundering








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clouds dark emotions waiting floundering twilight

alpha et omega

entry picture

smoke signals


The coffee pot’s down

to grounds and dregs,

the cognac bottle’s

now the worse for wear.

He counts each crossing of the legs

each slow blink,

approving laugh;

tests the warmth of every smile,

notes each surreptitious lick of lip;

decodes the semaphore

of each flick of hair.


She feels the hours grow smaller,

sees the pa...

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When every movement shakes your bones

                                Rattles you

Pulls bruises to your skin. You are a riverboat; sailing along a turbulent sea. The first thing you notice when you reach land is not the

                                                                beauty of the streets. Not the structured, calculated roads and buildings. Safety in numbers. Y...

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Also by Claire Alexandra:


Just Being Real


I can say I love you, I won’t ever hurt you.

We will never grow apart, fall apart, I’ll never break your heart.

I can tell you I will give you the world and more.

I can sing your praises till my throat gets sore.

I can say everyday will be better than the one before.

I can make you believe I will never walk out the door.

I can talk a load of crap if that’s what you...

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Also by Paulyn Lloyd:

Bitch |

bullshitLovePaulyn Lloydrealtrue

Cruel Dream

I could feel the pain
tearing through the fabric
of my body.
Red waves of tears crashed
upon the floor.
I screamed,
and my scream responded.
And life was placed within my arms.
Future shined in brilliant eyes,
and love held my heart.
But as fast as I could
my baby was taken away.
Where I was in life,
I could not survive
nor care for another
without drown...

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Twisting Knives

Shards of jagged memory slice

sharp through foraging fingers

finding discarded pieces of pain

between the forgotten relics of kinder times.

Points pierce a blistered mind,

removing the splinters is agony;

the pull of each barb merciless in its wounding.

Digging deeper, the truculent fractures imply

rupture at further delving.

Blood drips onto gray striations


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Also by Petrova C Fairhurst:

Gallery |

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