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In a haze of fear

The end is near

This is my last year

Soon i shall go my dear..


You'll miss me i hope

But i know you will cope

Please do not mope

As i look for the rope..


I could swallow tablets in bed

A bullet to my head

Or leave blood gush from my wrists instead

Don't you worry, i'll do it before we're wed..


A tear just fell from my eye

I just can't live this lie

It's just my time to die

goodbye my prince, goodbye.


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melanie coady

Tue 29th Mar 2011 13:16

wow rebel thank you so much xxx u rock huni!

<Deleted User> (9047)

Sun 27th Mar 2011 02:32

In a breath
We were born to die
The initial wonder
And the opening cry
Every foundation
A little white lie
Living too pure
To say goodbye

And as we go on
year after year
Haggling a price
That's still too dear
While every fall
Inflates our fear
Praying for the end
To be finally near

Day follows day
In one languid mope
Peddlers peddle peddling
Infinities of false hope
And love barely fetches
The price of old rope
As minds scar deeply
In an effort to cope

I wake on the morning
That I will be wed
Hot in my arms
My head against her head
A vision of beauty
In a sheet stained bed
We could get up
But sleep on instead

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melanie coady

Thu 10th Mar 2011 19:12

thank you chris xx der was definatly anguish!

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chris yates

Thu 10th Mar 2011 18:55

a sad rendition but so simply put,I can feel the anguish in this poem,well done xx

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melanie coady

Thu 10th Mar 2011 08:25

ian dts no bother wit using them lyrics lol keep writing them beautiful songs...stefan thank you so much sometimes i might be too honest and thats how i get hurt but ive never changed being honest because of nasty people its therre problem how they use my honest against me not mine xxx

<Deleted User> (6895)

Wed 9th Mar 2011 20:19

hello again Melanie-I love very much the skill you have in using just simple words to make such a beautiful (although sad) poem.Thank you.x do you mind if this old duffer says I have never before seen the honesty I see in your eyes.Definitely the windows to a lovely Soul I bet!x oh to be 75 again-lol!

<Deleted User> (8951)

Wed 9th Mar 2011 16:12

Hi melanie
I like this poem... opening lines, In a haze of fear,The end is near...
Might have to lend them for a song

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melanie coady

Wed 9th Mar 2011 14:52

aw lol! thanks hun xx it wasn't light hearted at the time though but a ok now..xx

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Wed 9th Mar 2011 14:45

Perhaps I should have taken a leaf out of this book before I got wed? It might have saved me an agonising slow death.

Only joking of course - I wouldn't be without the ensuing prodigy.

A nice light hearted piece Melanie - I hope!

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