Mr and Mrs

They walk around together

Never apart

Minds demented

From a broken heart


She was only thirteen

Grandaughter Lisa

When a paedophile

Left her to die

In a skip she was found

Gagged and bound

Her immature body

Tortured and wrecked


He sits in his cell

Looked after well

Three meals a day

And plenty to say


As he lies in his bed

Happy and well fed

Plays with his dick

His favourite little trick

Lying there musing

About life outside


But they walk around together

Never apart

Minds demented

From a broken heart


Thunder, lighting nor

Storms of life

could have prepared

This man and his wife

Their little one


From the family nest

By a cold callous


Abused,raped her

Then laid her to rest

In a black bin bag

Thats how her body was found

With her hands tied and bound


He's coming out soon

A repentant heart

Parole boards decided

He needs a new start

He says three hail Marys

And prays everyday

Parole board seem to think he's ok

He won't re-offend

His predatory sex

Has come to an end

He's seen the error of his way

Parole board has given the ok

For him it will be

Like a brand new day


But they walk around together

Never apart

Minds demented

From a broken heart.





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Elaine Booth

Tue 15th Mar 2011 23:12

Fantastic, Chris. I am all for the graphic images you use. It is the comparison between "his" cosy world and the reality of what has been done and the continuing suffering of the parents that gives the poem it's intensity and power. Absolutely wonderful poem. Well said, Christine.

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Sat 12th Mar 2011 18:55

I found this one a bit too graphic - I would have preferred the suggestion of what happened rather than the actuality. That's probably cos I'm a wuss - also because the subject matter really, really upsets me.

Castration - do your next poem on castration - and we all know who we'd have on top of the list. x

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Cate Greenlees

Fri 11th Mar 2011 16:57

I agree with John. It came over very powerfully when you read last night Chris. This is a clever social comment and a poignant condemnation of the justice system in our country.
Cate xx

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Thu 10th Mar 2011 17:33

Change of style again,eh? Really makes you think about justice.

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melanie coady

Thu 10th Mar 2011 17:01

omg hun this made the hairs stand up! quite powerful xx

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