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Hideous smelly grey draylon 

Commode removed 

Cumbersome tubular metal hoist

With hammock swing


Pink water filled sponges

On lollipop sticks discarded

Zimmer frame and

Wheelchair passed on 

Medical paraphernalia withdrawn 

Without trace 


Around the room

Voices still echo

Distant near far away 

Shadows flicker around me

Coldness crawls on ...

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Bird song sings sweet melodies 

Abundant bubbling brook meanders 

Fish dodge and fly upstream 

Darting dancing carefree 

Coarse green grass growing lushessly 

Time standing still 

Drinking in 

Conductorless harmonious orchestration 


Bird song sings sweet melodies 

Abundant bubbling brook meanders

My branches reach to the top of the world 

Leaves shiver and sha...

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Hello my names Doreen

Doreen the physiotherapist

I thought I'd like her

She smiled stating that

Together we'd get this finger straight

Our eyes locked in and we searched deep,

She into the soul of my endurance

And me into her world of ,sadistic pleasure.

You see, I knew,

Overheard didn't I,

As I sat in the waiting room,

A middle aged man rushed out

In tears, dis...

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The Scarf




He was happy there

Making things

Moving things around

The old sideboard

Once the designer piece

Of their front parlour

Cupboards either side

Warring and Gillow of course

Now resides

In the shed, its resting place

Once filled with Porcelain tea sets

And sterling silver cutlery

Drawers now overflow with


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Me mam

She came to me last night

Walking towards me

Dressed in her flowery skirt

And her blue sequined top

She looked calm and serene

Reflective even

Smiling at me purposefuly

Her brown eyes twinkling

I ran towards her

I put my arms around her

I wanted to feel her

I longed to smell her

Just to touch her


Then she was gone

I looked

I star...

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Mr and Mrs

They walk around together

Never apart

Minds demented

From a broken heart


She was only thirteen

Grandaughter Lisa

When a paedophile

Left her to die

In a skip she was found

Gagged and bound

Her immature body

Tortured and wrecked


He sits in his cell

Looked after well

Three meals a day

And plenty to say

About his PRE-DICKAM...

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The powers that be

Must be a-head of me

'Cos it's just beyond a joke

When they called it a "stroke"

Glad to be alive

Even though I only work

Down one side

I'm not bitter

I'm not sad

But sometimes I get quite mad

Nurses come with water and a pill!

Where am I??

Will I die??

I'm a grown man and I'm starting to cry!!!!

"You've had a stroke, yo...

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You can't see her face

No-one can

Hidden beneath her burkha

Her crime

To love

Forbidden affair

Shariah law

Stone to death

Human rights


When she and her lover were


And brought to


Bitter men

Religious fanatics

Hungry for blood

And revenge

Stone her to death

Her crime

To love

Not to hurt


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Was it for thee

Was it not for thee that I lay

With straggled legs

Aching heart

And heaving breasts


Was it not for thee that I toiled

With caresess fair

Stroking hair

And beating chest


Was it not for thee that I conceived

With lusting heart

Orgasm's deep

Memories to keep


Yes to thee this was so

Then why on earth are we

On this show


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Is It To Annoy?.....

Is it to annoy do you think?

Cos it’s enough to drive you to the brink

Of hopelessness and frustration

Tailbacks and queues

Car horns and fumes

Polluted air

 Mingled with

Feelings of despair

Another temporary traffic light

As landed on the streets of planet Earth


Can’t concentrate

How long does it take?

To travel a quarter of a mile

Two ...

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Take A Break....Chit Chatter

Take a break chit chatter

Even one called have a natter

Headlines that stretch

The imagination

As we forage

For knowledge

Of the whole human race

And our place

In the realm of society

Take a break...chit chatter

Even one called Have a natter

"My implant exploded

Into my tipple"

I was put on life support

After swallowing my left nipple


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job interview

What shall l say?What can l do?Just going for another job interview.Heart racingMouth dryI'm starting to feellncredibly shyAs l sit in the corridorWaiting to dieWhat shall l say?What can l do?Just going for another job interviewAcross from meModels all threeDressed to killCleavages that thrillNipples that stand to attentionWhat shall l say?What can l do?Just going for another job interviewSmiles t...

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