The Big Society

When your town is sleeping peacefully

And the people are all sound

There’s food to fill the cupboards

And no inflation on the pound

When you think that there’s a heaven

And you’ve always got a friend

Don’t be so sure of what you think

There’s trouble round the bend

It’s lurking in the parliament

It’s creeping to the streets

It’s making sure that you get poor

And your family never eats

It’s filtered through the radio

And plugged on the t.v

Lock up your wives and run for your lives

Raaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgh It’s the big society!


With its tentacles and big sharp teeth

And socially crippling ways

Taking c.v’s from the searchers

And then leaving them for days

It chews up all the services

And takes away the jobs

Gives riches to the kings

And gives more bills to the slobs

It builds up high rise yuppie flats

And tears down council dwellings

Then dresses itself up as a movement

And thinks it’s so compelling

It stabs the public sector

And cuts the BBC

Keep a watchful eye, and your wallet close by

Raaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgh It’s the big society!


It’s crawling through the job centre

And through the prison bars

Get ready for higher insurance rates

And taxes on your cars

It creeps behind the bin men

And rummages through their pockets

And when students read about their fees

Their eyes pop out their sockets

It stomps to Mr. Moneybags

Puts an extension on his home

Then puts 5 million aside for his wife

For necklaces alone

It has them saying ‘Marvelous,

That’s as fair as we can be

Get the kids in bed, that’s settled my head

Raaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgh It’s the big society.


It divides the town into rich and poor

And makes them go bezerk

Alienation is its job for the day

And it’s doing some damn good work

It messes up our politics

It cuts back on our schools

Turns rich men into millionaires

And idiots into fools

It leaves the place in ruin

With a bloodstain on its fang

Whoever opposes this monster today

Shall be the one to hang

The country’s going to hell it seems

And we ain’t gonna get there for free

So I’m running to France, ‘cause we ain’t got a chance

Raaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgh It’s the big society

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Tom Harding

Thu 24th Mar 2011 20:09

nice. very funny.

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melanie coady

Thu 24th Mar 2011 14:44

absolutly loved it darlin xx

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