And what will be then?


What will be tomorrow?

Tomorrow will be April.

Hearts will be struck by the love arrow,

They will not be stable.


So, what to do now?

Is it just natures caprice?

Allow your feelings be somehow avowed!

Don’t let your feelings to crease!


Look for the truth in the gentleness of spring!

Ding, ding! Listen to the bells ring!

Forget the troubles and sing!

A new song the spring will bring.


And what will be then?

Then will come summer.

Amen! We are all earthmen.

It will certainly become warmer.


The sun will shine brighter,

But a bit different as in spring.

It will calm some writers,

It will warm the kings.


And what will happen then?

An autumn will come and rain.

If you tell me “I love you!”

Our spring time will remain.


And when the winter comes

It will warm me and you with snow.

It will bring more charms,

The real feelings it will show.


And what will happen with the world?

Everything will be certainly fine.

I am sure, it will not be twirled,

The whole world will be yours and mine.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska

March 30th, 2011





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melanie coady

Wed 30th Mar 2011 19:53

aw lovely hun xx

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