The Rant Of A Mind Deserted

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I am mechanically living,

I am life's puppet on a string,

I am a dandelion among orchids,

I am surrounded by beautiful people with ugly truths,

I can't bear it

I am lost in such a familiar place and it's written all over my face

My reactions have become charracateur,

I want to disappear somewhere,

I want to hide,I have been trying to confide

Cuccooning myself in this bed.....

Intraveniously feed me up with positivity please, so all this might ease,

Can i keep floating footloose through this?

Precipitation of my tears are the rainclouds over my head,

I'd like a clockwork brain that runs on time

But mine is broken, and there's a constant chime

I don't want to bother the one's i love, but i'm helpless and blind,

Ther's a part of my brain that seems stuck on rewind,

A hurricane of emotions, a twister of fear,

How can i be suffocating? There's no bag over my head

Today, right now, i deserve to be dead,

I don't want to die

Just not exist for a while...

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melanie coady

Tue 29th Mar 2011 13:18

thank you dave hun xx

<Deleted User> (9186)

Tue 29th Mar 2011 01:06

No sense trying to make sense of it,cause it makes no sense, it just is and that the saddest thing about it - nicely phrased and explained poem - David

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melanie coady

Wed 9th Mar 2011 10:06

thank you sweety x this and th wonders of th womb r my fav writes

<Deleted User> (8730)

Wed 9th Mar 2011 10:04

Brilliant, please read Daisy - it is in my book.

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