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Underneath the Horse Chestnut Tree

We scattered mum over where her sister lay

My Father seemed smaller somehow as my Brother,

Ready to catch him at any moment,

Walked him out of the churchyard

Beneath the archway where he had once kissed her


The world seemed silent just for them

The sky had grabbed the clouds and held them still,

And the wind and the birds and the trees all held court

As the...

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Kissing the Alien (a boyhood dream)


 Awash with the monochrome glow

Of Saturday television

I would watch cardboard rocket ships on strings

Wobble into polystyrene cities

Buck and Flash and James T. Kirk

Would wrassle to the ground

All manner of humanoids with strange features

Made of mud or rock or wood

Each one succumbing to the earthling’s righteousness

With a boff and a thud



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Yellow Purple Blue

The corridors seem longer with each foreboding march along

Men my age, mid-life, shuffle toward me dragging their drips

Or machines that feed tubes into their sides, their throats, their asses

I watch the gunk being sucked out and the penicillin pumping in.

I was here many times as a kid

We ran riot with our legs cast, stitches busting, nightgowns flapping

The nurses wou...

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Nagasaki Shadows

Watching the ocean cherryspit villages across the fields
And spew the wreckages of an age into the Kyoukai
Where the flotsam and the derelict are indiscernible
From the hoardings and the fabric of the cot, the house
The workstation and the supermarket fittings
I can’t help but think that
If the waves keep rolling, rolling
Rolling on
They would be strong enough
To wash away the...

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One Nil

You pull a Cruyff turn

Score and embrace the winger

I’m left standing still

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Haiku World Cup



I'd always been a Coventry supporter

strange, everyday for a month

to hear me shouting


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Just Because (For Rupert Anson the last scoundrel in Speke)


He grew his hair and a beard
When I lost faith with my youth.
He kicked down fences
To show the vandals how it should be done
And smoked grass for the first time
As an octogenarian.
Just because.
He rode a tricycle to town and back
When he reluctantly gave up his engines.
And he sat on benches
With WET PAINT signs
Still being written. Village...

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There is nothing better than a truly beautiful sky


The moon has been in a fight tonight

And the bruise spreads across the sky;

Yellow and purple. I think maybe

The mountain is broken.

We’ll need to get that fixed

And hope it sets.

You are leaning on the fender

Skirtucked and leatherbooted

Foot tapping to the sounds

Of Sam Cooke singing  

The sounds of dignity

In the face of oppression.

The w...

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it is late and on a windowsill
like a spark of electricity
after seven short days of life
i hear the death of a fly
i weep more than for others i have lost, still
i never did understand the futility
of peoples lack of love for life
i suppose some people deserve to die

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I was in love with back seat Brenda
We all were.
But I was at that age
Where I still called my friends lesbians
Because I did not know what it meant.
I was in love with back seat Brenda
And how could you not be.
She had a peardrop smile
And eyes that twinkled like gobstoppers

8:15 at her bus stop
And fifty homemade hair-do's
Turn ...

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Monday, 18 January 2010

It is Valentines day
and you are sad.
Because you have no cards
you say nobody loves you.
15 FEB
shops are selling half price valentine paraphernalia,
you go down
to find my heart, its dancing partner
a wartbacked spawneyed toad
stepping out for yo...

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The curtains seem closed on the heavens
It is coalmine black
Before diamonds had formed.
The whispering of trees to the wind the only audible sound.

We are wrapped up in blankets
And I can barely make out your silhouette,
A tangle of hair like canary grass on the Mara River,
A flash of teeth and eyes, fireworks reflecting in the waters.

I wish that I could see your face fo...

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Puedo Escribir (tonight I can write)


Puedo escribir los versos más tristes esta noche.
Tonight I can write the saddest lines.

Write, for example, 'I have never felt the convincing waves
Crashing over the rocks of my heart'

Or, 'this night I have watched a thousand suns dying,
Extinguished from existence in the obsidian sky'

Tonight I can write the saddest lines.
Only in loving her does the puzzle seem complete.


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Online Love (for Jen Lewis)

You are surreal and ethereal
Phantom, immaterial
Totally unbelievable
(And that’s because you’re a 56-year-old widow from Belgium, really)
You are my online love
You tick all my boxes (literally)
Friends with Megan Fox
Favourite sport is kickboxing
(Though you’re never off the sofa)
You're my online love
You‘re a nurse and a mother
Bendy l...

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performance piece

Pandora’s Box


When all you have left is hope

Locked away

In a jar

Hidden under the bed

Sucking in dust

Perhaps it was a good thing

You let go of all that hate.

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When an ocean cries

For the loss of love,

In grief,

What seeps from its eyes,

The swell of every wave


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A collaborative effort - thanks to all!

SHIT ON YOUR SHOES (a love poem)

Written on the back of old bus tickets
Is the poetry of our lovemaking.
Scribbled on the front of my school textbooks
Is the script of my emotions.
I have painted murals on palaces,
Drawn in chalk the epitome of my knowledge
On Sunset Boulevard and Tibetan Mountains.
I have hidden prose for you
On the underneath of snails,
In the bellies of Great white sharks.

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Damned Chemistry

Do you remember I used to sit next to you in biology class?
And I would study you rather than the texts.
Everything I gleaned about the human eye
Was from careful observation of yours.
I dissected your navy blue jumper
And weighed each breast in the palms of my mind
Ran my hands over your skin
And kept samples on slides
To examine under the microscope
And all I ...

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Prometheus and Andromeda

Reaching into the sky and pretending to touch the sun
Is not the same as evaporating.
Your solitude is just a bone wrapped in glistening fat,
A false promise of a freedom,
When really you are chained and bound
To an idea that you are free.
But what if I was the rock you were tethered to
And my love were midnight ravens
Pecking at your heart?

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Consulting the Auricle

In the garden
Awash with summer
Pregnant with Purple Sunshine and Windflowers
A fly buzzes by
You flick your hair aside
Your surveillance equipment
Perfectly formed
And petite
You catch my star
ing and lean across
To whisper to me
 “They are for listening to tiny things”
You say
“Dust c...

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I walked the shore alone
To watch the waves coming in,
The breakers crashing down,
The ocean going berserk, foaming at the mouth.
The sky was the colour of lead,
Gulls split the clouds,
Shrieking as they scrapped for food.
Sitting on a rock, pulling at the barnacles, I felt nothing
The storm subsided
And the shore...

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Armistice Day

After the rifles and tanks pull out
And the final dust settles on the broken eggshell
That was once the theatre or municipal swimming pool
The landmines sit in waiting for the unsuspecting,
Ready to scatter confetti like flesh at a wedding.
And there is silence as if for the first time;
It echoes through the alleyways
Then in the distance,a hammersound

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Fumbling with the Mathematics

The night terrors take over
Sweatyshakes and screams waking neighbours
And starting a chorus of foxes;
Crying like panic into the night.
The very odds against meeting you
Are simply astronomical
At best.

Seven billion people
Halved by sex
Divided by geography
And still I never fancied my chances.
And then the formula,
(Beyond Einstein, beyond Hawkins)
To figure out the...

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Heaven must be a cold and lonely place,
white and friendless,
bald and endless,
a bit like Milton Keynes.

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As disgusting as it may seem
my bath still holds the water
in which we bathed all those years ago.                                       
I will admit that it has left a thick film on it                                             
and the dead skin left on the rim of the bath                                       
could almost be alive again,                                ...

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Pretty little Innuendos

Quiero hacer contigo lo que la primavera hace con los cerezos”
(I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.)

Pablo Neruda – Love Poem XIV

I want to do with you
What the moon does to the ripples on the lakes
I want to do with you
What dreams can do to those that wake up screaming and
Those that wake up glistening
I want to do with yo...

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Elephantiasis of the testicles
Can't be much fun.
Sitting on your bollocks
Instead of your bum.

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