For You, Babe

The days burn

almost as much

as the nights

ever did

and yes you’re still a

blonde maniac


but your tits are good

and your arse is good

and your pussy is

very good


and I love that

small roll of fat

over your jeans


or the way you

spit out your gum or

smoke half a cigarette

or belch

just like a man


It’s these little things that

numb the heavy burn

that almost heal

this pain


like it’s only temporary

of course


like you

like me

like this



right now





of our minds 

◄ The Night Mare

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Mon 14th Mar 2011 18:17

Some times the small things stack up into mountains - you tell this story wittily and well - liked the small roll of fat over the jeans bit

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Ann Foxglove

Mon 14th Mar 2011 06:32

I like this. (Is she the other side of your Night Mare?) I love the way you've described the endearing traits of a loved one. It can just be the tilt of an eyebrow when somebody smiles - and all is forgiven, the world a brighter place.

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