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The Sailor

an old man upstairs has fits of coughing

women make his bed creak fit to bust

he's some sort of evangelical preacher

an expert on the perils of human lust


bones in bright sunshine or pouring rain

pressed down by limbs that rarely speak

contorted versions of my wide-open legs

I could make his bed wake up and creak


do my vows still apply after these years?

did I ...

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Please Miss

chalk dust on her hands

game chants in her ears

thirty heads a-bobbing

eagerly innocent dears


think she's like them, no

thoughts but right now,

her minds miles away:

why am I a silly cow?


daily strives to impress

ambitious hectic whirr

one bloke after another

none were right for her


as usual on auto-pilot

teaching maths by rote

kids get on h...

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Old As Love II

you have to watch it in here

old blokes get up to all sorts

seem to lose inhibitions and

indulge in odd water sports


dicks emerge like clockwork

just like they're past caring

pyjamas are a good excuse

for opening up and sharing


doesn't shock me anymore

hang there minute and limp

yet one or two can still do it

Patrick's a potent old pimp


its massiv...

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Twice A Day With Food.

It's a tough pill to swallow.
I want to fucking puke.
This feeling in my stomach,
like I swallowed a live nuke.

They just give me pills to swallow
and run a lot of useless tests.
I tried so hard to keep it away,
to fight it off but it infests.

I hate these pills I swallow.
I feel the cancer in my veins.
It's consuming my body
and fucking with my brain.

It's not your pill to swallow.

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Tiny Round Friends.

It's been a while since I've written
It may be 'cause it's been a while
Since I've really felt anything at all

One little white pill
"It'll take all the pain away"
But the dealer never told me
My new friend was here to stay
So before you say yes
There's something I need to say

You'll lie awake wishing for pain
At least then you'll feel something
But it'll never fucking come
Because you...

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F#ck your depression, F#ck your hope.

Im burning thru my own world, its like I'm on fire,

i dont know how i got here ,could i get any higher?

i dont know why im pacing, but these dones got me estatic,

add a couple xanax to make the situation frantic.

oh shit, im nodding. now its all just tragic.

im getting high off these beans like their fucking magic.

letting go of life, cause the morphine kills the pain..


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Go There Get There Under Sheets

Sex. Done it. A few times shorter than a moments passed. Come Quick. Newsflash! This just in...soon to be old news. Start practicing stamina, duration, length, self control and persistence. Sexual Human Beings. We are so sexual in every way. Try and stay away. Too tempting. Too hot. Too arousing. Too wet. Too slippery. Too dangerous. Butt, If it's with "the one" it'll be Too kool, Far out, groo...

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Pills, pills, pills – that’s what I need ’cause I feel like shit,

it’s been one of those fuckin’ dull nowhere days

that go round in circles like a crippled ship.

Take a pill for my allergy, pop an acid to go on a trip

it’s an experiment in my head.

Feel a headache coming on so I grab some parries and a couple of E’s to feel happy.

Now an hour ...

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