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Living on the Wire

The famous funambulist,
Karl Wallenda said,
'The only place I feel alive is on the wire,'

in 1977, at age 72, he walked
 a 720-foot cable
(about 2 football fields) from the
Miami Fountainebleau to the Eden Roc Hotel,
170 feet above the ground
while crowds of people ogled
at his marvelous feat of balance,
he called this walk, 'the toughest stunt
of his life.'

but in Puerto Rico, onl...

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Since a Warrior


reckless begins the odyssey
when all feeble ties abandon
and shrewd the wish to chart the stars
until a Dipper pours its angel dust
and blind Orion's sword finds its mark

how terrible the dare that motivates
a brazen sailor to kiss
the face of Devil's Thumb
that allows blood-mingled tears to cleanse
doubts before each vision, intruding
yonder barred horizons
by an elect...

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Life is for livingriskwanderlust

We Get It!

We Get It!


We get it

It’s dangerous

Lethal, I think they said

We hide indoors

Obey the laws

It’s better than being dead


We get it

But it won’t harm

Getting a hug or two

It’s Christmas after all

And deserved

After what we’ve all been through


We get it

The vaccine’s near

So we’ll all end up being alright

A kiss

Under the mistletoe


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broken ruleschristmas 2020covid-19easinginfectionlockdown easedrisk

Where You Begin

The first time

Is a pin prick

To unstitch

Your skin

To feel yourself


You search your being

You are it:

Coursing through yourself

The second time

You search inside

A stranger

Behind the corner shop

You find where he begins


But come back,

Stinking of rot

Void of thought

To feel what?

What are you searching for?

To begin ag...

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adrenalinealcoholanxietyattemptbegindepressionendfeelfindidentitymisunderstoodmisusenumbrebornrisksearchseekselfself destructionself harmsexstigmataboothrill seek

Crime of Comfort


It's morning again
                                   I'm trapped in.

Out of bed
                       into the same lie I roll.

I have no alibi
                            committing the sin

of deep-diving
                             this "cozy" 9-to-5.

"Take a ri...

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How many pilots died and old aircraft lost when they flew over jagged snowy peaks in the remotest corners of the world? Doing a dangerous job knowing the risks and trusting in fate and luck to bring the through. Some never made it, there planes impacting vertical mountain sides in sickening crashes. Bodies lost forever, frozen in the time of death. Icily cold and otherworldly ...

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you won’t be good for me
but I don’t care.
I know the connotations
of the colour of your hair.
red screams danger,
warning, stay away.
maybe I should try
a little danger fix

you won’t be nice to me
and I don’t mind.
nice girls normally don’t
I often find.
and who needs nice
in preference
to rollercoaster thrills?
when nice can suffocate
and boredom slowly kills.

you won’t be...

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