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Tick, Tock.

Look at the clock.

Wait seven seconds.

Look at the clock.

Wait seven seconds.

Look at the clock.

Wait seven seconds.

Look at the



Tip, Tap.

Each finger raps the desk.

Once then twice then thrice.

Each finger raps the desk.

Once then twice then thrice.

Each finger raps the desk.

Once then twice then thrice.

Each finger


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the cobra






                    its tail around my neck

its name is


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As The Sun Rises

I lay on a hard mattress curled in the foetal position,

wrapped in a chrysalis of darkness.

A fancy metaphor could not explain the meaning of life,

it had simply become irrelevant.

I had become so skinny that my skin was pulled

guitar string taut over aching bones,

that doctors had threatened to hospitalise me.

But now, allergic to life, my skin peeled at the thought of being.


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Psychotic Girl

lying in the bath, curled in a daze

staring at my hand, ring finger twitching

eyes losing focus, antipsychotics sedating

right foot twitching, clinically agitated

stomach protruding, appetite increased

screams of bubbles bursting, whispers intruding

scent of my body, artificial strawberry

ignore the shouts, but they hurt me

mountains of bubbles, naïve body purifying


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Where’s me head? [Where is my head?]

entry picture

Where’s me head? [Where is my head?]


Where’s me head? … It’s in the sand

Its life has gotten out of hand

Things very rarely go as planned

If I do or I don’t, I end up damned


Where’s me head? … It’s way out west

It’s tired of people who know best

It needs a break, it needs a rest

It needs to get shit off its chest


Where’s me head? … It’s lost the plot


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Adut Akech, Depression and Mental Heath

entry picture

Adut Akech, Depression and Mental Heath


Adut Akech Adelaide model

Is the biggest fashion superstar in the world

She just turned 19 here at Christmas

And waiting for her world to unfurl


Despite the famous smile she displays

Underneath she's in pain with depression

Like Robin Williams who suicided

Let's talk mental health, learn some lessons


She'd wake up ea...

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MOD ~ PTSD Part ii

MOD – PTSD    Part ii

‘They’ said that he was ‘shipshape’ A1, and good to go

So that’s precisely what this Trooper did, he left and went AWOL.


In the morning, the Captain asked me, “Nip to Thetford and retrieve

a naughty Trooper who’d been locked up, for being absent without leave."


Upon entering the police station and removing him from his cell

I then drove him back to...

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Can't Escape

You try to escape the demons

But they latch on way too tight,

Their claws digging into my body

And mind, with all their might.


Fighting is exhausting,

It physically and mentally drains.

But still I endure it, hoping

One day I will finally escape the pain.

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A Bipolar Mind

Each day, more exhausting than the last.

Time goes far too slowly, or too fast.

you're either extremely low, or elevated.

People either love you, or you're hated.


There is no middle ground

- no inbetween.

Everything is one extreme.

you're either Jekyll or you're Hyde.

It is a never ending fight.


You're a walking contradiction ,

With no explanation,

No cha...

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Real Life Nightmare

Every moment to fear,

Forever holding back internal tears.

Life- so complicated,

forever indecisive.

The world too big, too scary,

my mind so full of queries.

Never certain, never happy,

each decision could be deadly.

An escapes impossible,

every outcomes implausible.

Sinking under water,

Always being taken for a martyr.

The pain runs so deep,

Barely able to ...

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Canaries in the Mine


Canaries in the mine.

Kids that cut themselves. 

New mums on Prozac, 

Calpol poured down tiny throats.

Twelve year olds try ketamine

(already smoking weed).

Prepubescent boys

ask to drink girl’s pussy juice.

‘Mum, what does he mean?’

A teenage girl has overdosed.

Everybody’s glued to screens.

Can anybody see 


canaries in the ...

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #37 {Multiple Personalities Disorder}

entry picture

Dissociative identity disorder, previously called multiple personality disorder, is usually a reaction to trauma as a way to help a person avoid bad memories.

Dissociative identity disorder is characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personality identities. Each may have a unique name, personal history, and characteristics.



Sorry to say that's not me or never has been ...

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Would they care?

would they care???

it seems like a void
waking up trapped inside
should i live another day?
should i rather die?

would they know im gone?
would they feel bad??
would they miss me forever?
or will it pass like a fad?

surely they will move on
thats how life works
but they wont be Able to replace me
they should miss my quirks

but is this life worth living??
i ponder deep and wit...

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mental health issues






Must touch once, twice, thrice!

Otherwise I must pay the price!

Penetrating thoughts that won’t go away,

Compulsions that haunt me day by day,

Anxiety comes, anxiety goes,

Got guilt, depression and so much obsession.




Please leave me!


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I can't find it anywhere,

It's gone, disappeared,

Hidden somewhere dark.


I looked amongst the books,

I searched the internet,

I even checked the fridge.


I don't know where I put it,

I tried to keep it safe,

I don't remember where it is.


People have helped me look,

First a lady doctor,

Then a psychiatrist.


The CPN, she looked around,

She ev...

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They say, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

You start slicing those lemons

Knife slips

Where's the first aid?

The lemons are too sour to put in a drink

The sugar runs out

The water rusty from the kitchen sink

The lemons keep coming

They're heavy to hold

From innocent lemonade stands

To bags of lemons turning to mold

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Fey Times

Fey Times
Oh this unwelcome thing in my head has returned on this beautiful July summers day. I felt its onset, of this thing, last night. My sleep was troubled. Like a few rough waves before the cyclone hits home. An hour ago it hit me, a varied mental assault. Anxiety machine gunning my mind. Taking no prisoners here.

Hidden inner darkness rattles its lid and wants to escape the box. F...

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