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A change is welcome

for the Lord

whether we want it or not,

for whatever reason, 

when HE feels it

to be truly just

by losing hope

due to a picture worst:


Some of us sacrifice,

what we love, 

for a reason

valid for recreation,

and some of us walk

a pilgrimage

shouldering a weight,

for a cloudy past. 

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ImbalanceLordweight of loss


It's raining in the world, 
with the Coronavirus:

a furious lightning 
of a mute warning, 

a thunderstorm of
an unprecedented power, 

a darkest cloud
of a worried folk! 

The people are 
and, thanking as well, 
the Corona, most prudently, 
for liting a novel hope 
of a Renaissance! 


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Fey Times

Fey Times
Oh this unwelcome thing in my head has returned on this beautiful July summers day. I felt its onset, of this thing, last night. My sleep was troubled. Like a few rough waves before the cyclone hits home. An hour ago it hit me, a varied mental assault. Anxiety machine gunning my mind. Taking no prisoners here.

Hidden inner darkness rattles its lid and wants to escape the box. F...

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