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Oh this unwelcome thing in my head has returned on this beautiful July summers day. I felt its onset, of this thing, last night. My sleep was troubled. Like a few rough waves before the cyclone hits home. An hour ago it hit me, a varied mental assault. Anxiety machine gunning my mind. Taking no prisoners here.

Hidden inner darkness rattles its lid and wants to escape the box. Fuck you! Stay where you belong. Don't bug me. Instability wants to up end my stability for a laugh. I won't let it. This shit is invisible to others but real to me, even though it's in my head. Lodged in my brain.

Some say I'm dangerous and crazy, what do they know? If I let the genie go, such people would be fucking dead. I fight, not them but the inner demons that taunt me, try to take away my happiness. This is war and I'm out to win. Even when life kicks you in the teeth, keep fighting. Don't ever give up. I won't.

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