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fable williams on Groove from The Hoobs
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A Bipolar Mind

Each day, more exhausting than the last.

Time goes far too slowly, or too fast.

you're either extremely low, or elevated.

People either love you, or you're hated.


There is no middle ground

- no inbetween.

Everything is one extreme.

you're either Jekyll or you're Hyde.

It is a never ending fight.


You're a walking contradiction ,

With no explanation,

No cha...

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Our Denial of Hate

Our Denial of Hate



     Within the realms of madness

I look infinity in the eye,

     My hands outstretched to cushion

A fall into a darkened state

But the fall is never ending,

Never ceasing or explaining


     Infinity’s unwelcome grin.


     Downwards I continually plummet,

Like a Halo Jumper

With no parachute,

     No DZ below,

Just an ...

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Fraught Grapple


Now nearly at the cusp of finding logic to the dare

With expended all vigor and resources in despair


Past forte banked upon has since proven wrong

Heart though persistent, head tells to move along


Most of earlier envisaged is contrarily turning about

Staunchest of old values now cast many a doubt


Notwithstanding abilities, I feel isolated and prone


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