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The Visionary

In the days of yore and

Specsavers you went to

Opticians with myopia but

No more silly squinting or annoying

Puffs of air, now

You put your wife and

Kid in the car for a sixty-mile

Road test so

Dispensing with my glasses and

Wearing a blindfold I set off I

Knocked down two old ladies killed a

German shepherd and pranged a brand-new

Porsche Cayenne but it did the...

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My glasses

entry picture

My glasses are part of me

They are simple and not flashy

I shall wear them with pride

They are fashionable and worldwide


Many colours and styles to choose

It is always nice to hear honest views

I don’t need them on when I am in bed

They come off as not glued to my head


I always feel lost without my glasses

Missing all those admiring glances

I like being able...

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entry picture









When I was in 9th grade

I sat at the front

of the class.


Most kids thought I did

this to show how smart

I was. Others because

 I was better than them.

 And a few because I

wanted to be

the teachers pet.


The truth is because I

couldn't see the chalk board.


I lied to my parents


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The Home

New poem! Also, if you want to read more things (maybe less poetry orientated - reviews etc) then go to my blog, here: http://haydenwritesthings.wordpress.com/ 


The Home

He takes actions,
holds them close to his
chest, feeling their weight
resting against his rib cage.

And the glasses come out
upside down, and sometimes
he rubs the inside with his
fingers to see if...

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