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Words of You

Searching for you

You’re the word

On the tip of my tongue

- tip - tip – tick – tock

You’re the face on my clock


You’re the catch in my breath

Like if I was to cough

Words of you

Would just tumble out

Like if I was to shout

Words of you

Would just rumble out

You’re built into my skull

You’re the clutch over my brain

You’re running through my veins


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anxietyBroken heartsHeartbreakMoving forwardobsessionrelationship breakupSilencestruggleWorry

Same feelings

Nervous wreck In self defense 

saying you feel the water up to your neck 

all the things you can’t forget 

washed up memories of what’s left

burning in the fire to resurrect in the flesh anxious cigarette breathe

never mind the burning in my chest

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A poem about a dream

As I took a breath, this morning
I wondered what it'd be
To be a body without life
and a body without feel

What feels like such a trauma
is also a reason to live
Cuz this is how we learn to fly after a fall
and how we dare to dare

I've known a lot of stories
and eyes that would tell more tales
But not every soul would speak up
nor every silence would stay put

I longed to take a step fo...

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a dreamanxietyemotional painincidentmy life


When you start to see the bottom 
Of those leering orange bottles
Threats of existance are especially bleak

Vertigo next to prostration 
Electric synapse undulations 
All the retching is leaving me weak 

Ceaseless verge of trickling tears
Insignificance from past 6 years
Squatting rent free inside the mind

Heart palpitations 
Over social reservations 
Dependence on ties that we bi...

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anxietydepressionexistencemental healthpoemshort poem

Me vs. Me

Just when it looks like

I'm making progress,


  I fumble

an hour and             start to         sp  lit 

                                                   (just like that)


and the other                                half

turns pretty                                      ugly

very fast. 


Then it's me vs.                          me

all weekend.


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