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So I've thought out this letter for so long as the times have changed my words have too everything changes but my mind this windowless prison permanent guard oh shadowed screw

Understand ..This was carefully planned 


I  did consider all options fooling myself..knowing other options weren't an option 


Constantly fighting and am tired I'm  locked away double pad locked and it's cold in here nothing you could have done 

I don't belong here


I' m sorry I tried I tried and tried now I'm tired


Don't blame yourself please I know this will hurt but one day I hope you find peace knowing this was my choice 

Please honour my decision 

Remember my voice 

Cherish your life as I struggled to live mine


Every day I tried to mask my truth my heart it hurts it hurts so deep my head feels broken 

Its unbearable 


Just know that this was my path 

Please live your life if not for you for me 

By doing that you set me free 

And I will guide you 

These are my only wishes 

Your acceptance your forgiveness 

I took with me my beautiful memories 

Until we meet again please please

 know that when you read this I will not be suffering 

No more pain 

suicide poemSuicidemental health issues




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Angel whisperer indigo child x

Tue 23rd Aug 2022 03:14

Aw I am really sorry to have worried anyone there..never intended to but I just wrote that as it is a subject for awareness and I also felt I was communicating someone's feelings in the spirit world almost as though the person who passed away wanted to write a letter but didnt and so this is for those who passed and didnt get to voice their thoughts
I hope it brings comfort to someone
Sending healing to all who are suffering
And thankyou so much for your kindness everyone xx

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julie callaghan

Mon 22nd Aug 2022 10:11

I echo Stephens words. Please keep writing and sharing. You will find kindness here on WOL. You are in my thoughts today. 🌈

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Stephen Atkinson

Mon 22nd Aug 2022 10:05

I hope this is just a poem, Sarah!
Life can be a dark struggle, but there's always, always better days ahead.
Keep writing your brilliant poetry 🌈

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