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All we have is time

and what comes down the line.

Don’t ever think it’s more complex than this.


Though the universe - it has no end,

and there is more than one my friend,

too many to be counted. Get the drift?


For we live in eternity,

each day a fiber in a string

that goes on for forever in both ways.


So use the only thing you have -

your choices, for t...

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timeexistencepurpose of life


Seconds tick as years go by,

both the same to me.

Time and space be mere illusions...

nothing’s as it seems.


Like the wind, we’re drifting on

through endless spiral dreams.

Every sense be our delusion...

nothing’s as it seems.


As a lad I’d sit and wonder

how it came to be.

Found they keep truth asunder...

nothing’s as it seems.

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A million things swimming around in my head.

Things I could say that should never be said.


Things I could tell that you’d never believe.

Things that I’ve seen that are too far to see.


Things that I’ve heard that are not made of sound.

Things that I know which have never been found.


Things that could change the world. Things that could heal.

Things that would ter...

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Blind keepers,

mind readers,

throw them in the pod. 

Make them think they have a way

to see through all the fog. 


Let them start with nothing,

they’ll grow up and think they’ve won. 

Set the stage so from the play 

they’ll add things one by one.


They’ll come up with conclusions

thinking they’ve figured it out,

and all the while just watch them

cuz that...

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truthexistencepurpose of life

Between Mind And Eyes

How vast is the reach of the universe wide?

How great be the distance between mind and eyes?

How far in both ways does the length of time go?

What distance exists between God and each soul?


Illusive the answer to each of these be.

Perspective controls how we think, what we see,

how we judge and interpret the concepts at hand,

the things we consider and just where we stand...

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truthexistencegodcreationthe universe

For Whom

With the consistency of smoke
eventually, our ghostly hands
must let go of this life
We may be thinning and fading
or still strong but cut down
However it’s done
the knot must inevitably untie

The light travelled so far
to dance upon our faces
We're alive, as nature is alive
to be strange or just to be
All that energy must return
into the freezing depths of space

Every smile, ever...

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day, a fabrication
by one who made the space and time scheme
a sound back of occurrence
wraps up mutually every part of the theme

hereabouts with thoughts sparking the mind's screen
shows senses are nevermore alone
like a projector expressing a film
sentience zigzags with a one

back before the big-bang bursts a baby
a cognizance nibbles at itself
a big bird hovers over the hollow mes...

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Bugsy Siegel was a hoodlum in New York who becameexistence

I, The Universe

The universe doesn't care about anything, because it doesn't mind about anything.
It doesn't care what it is, because it cannot see what it is, or be seen by anything.
Outside the universe is no eye or mind or mirror, no rules or responsibilities.
And inside the universe nothing matters at all,
Because everything is part of the universe
and none of it has to stay the same
and none of it has ...

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meditationuniverseexistenceall that I am


Sometimes I think

Who I am but always I

Feel my existence.


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I'm A Believer

Death is the end of all things
Death is the end of pain and blame and shame,
of sun, of rain, of work, of play
Death is the end of night and day
It brings each one of us, the same,
to the end of everything.

I say Death is the end of all things
So we need to know that's where we go
Whether we want to, yea or no,
It is what existence always shows
No matter what else life may bring,

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meditationpath of lifedeathbeliefpeaceexistence

What Lies Above And Below Us

Far above us

The sky bursts into colours-

Blue, purple, grey, orange,

With red and all the hues in its range.


Miles beneath our feet

Are secrets buried,

Arcane and deep.

Their ampoules once known to everybody.


What goes overhead

Suffuses stars and their milky shells.

The departure from earth melancholic but serene,

Leaves behind shimmering trails that spe...

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Creation Myth

Creation Myth


If you were God

You would create a back story

On how you came to be


Something about a mother

And a father coming together


You would gradually create

The world around you

And the history of what went before

In order to keep you sane


You would form existence

to fit your needs

And each thing learned new

Would be to satisfy the r...

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napowrimo2017day19(80)creation mythself awarenessgodlifeexistence

My essay will be finished once the seventh seal breaks and the angles get their trumpets or whatever

Does silence disprove existence,
or does it just mean that someone's not interested.

Living our lives,
guided by the light,
and blinded by the sound that's not present.

Lives filled with love,
love for the waves,
bird songs pushed to the direction where the wind blows.
Even the grass is singing it's story of growth.

Hearing nothingness,
when you open your mouth,
the loud silence t...

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Get to Know Me

If you’re a poet prowling in penumbral light,

Staggering through shadows alone and lost,

Praying for a spiritual Sherpa to

Take you to atmospheric heights,

Or at least pull you from chasmic depths

And save you from the crushing pressure

Of self-loathing and free floating anxiety,

You should get to know me.


If your addictions are afflictions

You can no longer bear an...

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Who Am I?

A storm trapped in a rain drop

Hurricane wrapped in a wave

Hundred mile winds twisting within a breeze

Devastating quakes in every stone

Dirt speckled snow blanketed over bones

A forest of memories behind a cosmic window

Ash curls out into nebulous tendrils of purple and blue

A ghost of an echo

No longer able to self recognize

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who am iwhat am iexistenceexistexistential crisisidentity lossmental illnessdissociatingdissociation

Our Denial of Hate

Our Denial of Hate



     Within the realms of madness

I look infinity in the eye,

     My hands outstretched to cushion

A fall into a darkened state

But the fall is never ending,

Never ceasing or explaining


     Infinity’s unwelcome grin.


     Downwards I continually plummet,

Like a Halo Jumper

With no parachute,

     No DZ below,

Just an ...

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Don't even blink

Inertia be damned.

Every time you look at me

It's been too long.

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Something to think about

Some people hold on to memories they never had and feelings they never felt, just to justify their existence. To all of them I say: cry when u have to, and leave depression to those with wounded souls.



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thoughtssomething i wrotethings i think aboutmemoriesexistencepainpretending

Sailor Song

i am drawn to

    seas of clouds above in nothingness    

                    the seas of water

    the seas of open land and forests

    the cities with seas of

                        concrete and people

i was born to be a



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The Cocoon

The curtains a cocoon

which I have outgrown

crushing me

though I dare not venture out

my wings maimed

by an internal eternity.


Some days they open

as the sunlight shines

and snow falls

yet it remains a parallel world

a door to an unfamiliar universe

remains locked.


Even inside plates pile up

like a porcelain possum

they ...

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Life is a Cuppa

Life in a Cuppa


Up to a point
pliant leaves will seep
into all its waters
until the cup overflows

so much as to stain
the meticulously starched table linen.
Then we shall face with reckoning
its true substance!





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nobody nor nothing is real


absolute, yes,


for you are never truly gone

just no longer assembled

in the correct order of atoms

to make any further sense of

your ordeals


so they can’t be real

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Convenient Amnesia

Many times 'convenient amnesia' is all we have to survive and live another day.



My heart bleeds
both fears and gladness
splattered tears
share pavement
spent poison darts.

My hand quakes
both words and gestures
symphonic songbirds
salve torment
spared iron brand.

My eye shuts
both dark and brightness
smothered landscapes
sparse wildernesses

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Bemused Rumination


the balm of barometric exuberance.
this night
no longer young, dissipates.

the dewy welcome of sun-quaffed green.
revive severed umbilical dreams.

the present with fleeting acumen.
ceases yet emerges again tomorrow.

the kindling of autumnal reticence.

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lifeexistencelivingcarpe diemjoie de vivre

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