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What should we do when we get bored?
When we have nothing to do and no interests stored?
Nothing at all to occupy our time
Whether we are young or old or in our prime.

We may feel troubled and very frustrated,
Some pastime would now be appreciated.
Though sometimes there is nothing that we can find
To put our boredom completely behind.

So being bored is never pleasant,
Maybe it will h...

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Stuart VannerBoredom


If there's one thing that I always hate,
It is when my life seems to stagnate.
And when it's wheels grind to halt.
I may then try to see what is at fault.

I have lost all of get up and go.
I ask: What should I do? But do not know.
Could I find something that is exciting,
Play a sport? Or just do some writing?

My mind is a large but empty chest.
Totally devoid of all interest.
I'd lov...

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Stuart VannerStagnationboredom

Bleached Bland

softly she breathes

night coats her head

I wish I lay in a different bed


some women thrill

one look inflames

their kicks come from playing games


she's too banal

her lips lukewarm

the polar reverse of a sensual storm


no excitement

zero surprise

I know exactly what's behind those eyes


it's been one year

itchy my feet

not enough her being ...

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boredomstalenessloveitchy feetworm turnsshock

Don't even blink

Inertia be damned.

Every time you look at me

It's been too long.

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Boredom slowly creeps upon me,

Like a fog on top a hill.

My eyes start glazing over,

My brain is standing still.

I’m trying to take notice,

Of the message being said,

But it all just sounds like noise to me,

Facts won’t stay in my head.

If only I could listen,

For just a minute more,

Yet concentration eludes me,

I’m thinking of the door.

I can see the mouth is m...

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Skeletal Mini Blind Panorama (An Evening as Whispered Through A Vampire's Ear)

In a similar fashion to ink blots 
Various skull shapes gather 'round 
The skeletal mini blind panorama 
Various forms of madness play out 
Like stale jazz 
All under the lamp with the dunce cap 
And electric yellow snot 
The insects pay homage to this diety of the night 
With bizarre kamikaze rituals... 
And here I was 
Just turning it on and off... 
Oh what horrors and discoveries 

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The Usual

Sun through window,

Clock ticks.

I stare into space,

Blank mind like empty canvas.

Pen taps,


Failed slaughterer of time.


Work unfinished,

Clock ticks.

Cold coffee untasted,

I look at unread my emails,

and ignore them.



Clock ticks.

Clock ticks.

Clock ticks.


Shuffle papers,

Move mouse,

Press keys,

Clock ticks.


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As the storm continues

So does the rust

On the BBQs

Of the just and unjust

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Lord Bowen poemrustBBQsboredom

Things to do



Spin the washing and hang it up

Mow the lawn and rake up the grass

Put out the bin and sort out your life

Oh and get a carton of milk before you go home to the wife


You’ve got your shirt to iron before you go to work

And your shoes need buffing and the car needs filling

So you’ve got no choice but to put your life on hold

But there’s time for a pint...

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lifemarried lifeboredom

Peacock Dreams


Peacock Dreams


“Cashier to checkout seven please.”

She barely hears; behind her mask of Monday smile.

She steers each item past the barcode beep, and sleepworks

- finds that it’s the only way to make it through the disappointment, rude necessity

and shame of this small life, of “every day is like the last”

and tomorrow will be, predictably,

just the same.

Trapped on the conveyor ...

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Last stop before paradise.

Last stop before paradise.                                                                              


An April rain has streaked the windows, smudging the view of suburban streets.

The chill breeze bends the spring’s first flowers and the TV’s showing old repeats.

In the lounge of The Willows nursing home the care assistants are serving teas.

After the adverts comes the snooker and ever...

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