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These arms are not mine 
Legs dissconnected 
From a body that doesn't belong to me 

Hands that touch but do not feel a thing 
Eyes that look but see right through 
And a mouth that talks, disconnected from me

Dissociated states 
Keep me away from me
Bring me home 
Put me back in my body please

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Dissociated States


I'm in my body for tonight 
Present in my head 
And my fingers and my toes 

But what of when the tide turns 
And we shift into dissociated states

Clinging to anything that gets me away from me
Holding space for anything that is an escape 

I'm in my body for tonight 
But tonight is not forever 
So enjoy is while is lasts 

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Who Am I?

A storm trapped in a rain drop

Hurricane wrapped in a wave

Hundred mile winds twisting within a breeze

Devastating quakes in every stone

Dirt speckled snow blanketed over bones

A forest of memories behind a cosmic window

Ash curls out into nebulous tendrils of purple and blue

A ghost of an echo

No longer able to self recognize

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