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The War

Momentary peace is a thing,
Lifetime of peace who has ever gotten?
And there exist people who haven't witnessed a single spring,
The fruits they've reaped off life are all rotten.

Time lingers on, it takes small sluggish steps,
While the war seems to last for an eternity.
And though the mind's tired and body's started to sweat,
There seems no concrete vision, no certainty.

Innumerable ...

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war poetryInner Strugglelosseswinswarriorsbattlefieldlife and deathpath of lifeeverlastingentropy


from the mausoleum

decay hums,

no spotlight betrays

eminent limbs aquiver with

star-struck worms


anonymous in entropy, iconic

bones emerge, butterflies from a

chrysalis, gangling in moonlight

they'll never see,

disarticulated by

microbes, where perfume of araby nor

mysore silk mitigates dissolution


beauty falls far,

ful red lips to vacant skull.


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A 40-Watt Sonnet

Sit up with closed eyes and the lamp on, 

reel the days back with lightbulb sunsets,  

plant your feet and turn time's dance down, 

then rise from the west and come back to bed. 

Don’t let the orbiting swirls of the chair  

remind you of our old days ahead. 

We've already been through those. 

In a roundabout way, we'll be  

there again. Arguing about the clouds, 

seeing ...

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Disambiguate Entropy

Is it the inversive originating law of nature?

Or is this is a man-made alteration,

That in which our fascination we developed,

As if persons were walking around the confused universe,

Or that was the reason that the world was created,

Because of that, it has now been made to become explosive,

And all of that elusion wants to go away now towards unending disharmony,

That all-w...

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She'll take them back

The stones cut carefully and stacked against her

Her winds find ways through the cracks

She'll take them back 

All content property of Chandra Mossine

*This original poem was published by the Columbia Art League in their 2014 Interpretations collection

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chandra mossineentropynaturepoempoetryproseshort formshort poem


nothing amiss only

everything askew..


scatter patterned random

walks suspended in static liquid.


touch your finger to the

surface..a ripple and a flutter

to breach the calm within


now watch as dull dust gathers

'round the one who's so disturbed

a still entropic state.

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Quietly, I

quietly, quietly sat a lie
arms outstretched
palms staked to the fierce eye
observing within
as, first, flesh mottles
closer still to see without
while blister
vermilion doubts
one apiece of each
seized mortal engine
dripped of framed wax
placed in a filleted whole
gas pored
for a hungry earth
this is all I wish today
let each word die in a dusty throat
a melt th...

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nobody nor nothing is real


absolute, yes,


for you are never truly gone

just no longer assembled

in the correct order of atoms

to make any further sense of

your ordeals


so they can’t be real

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