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An unremarkable day in May,

though in retrospect,

the blackbird was peremptory.

And of course, there was

the fox at my door,

the night before.


I came inside with a handful of thyme,

greedily enjoying a prompted memory.

When out of the corner of my eye,

I did...

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You struggle with choices but you dance through the day
Reveling your change but your beauty remains the same
With the many barriers on your path, you still make your way

Blessed Dane
Complex male feminity there is no other way for me to say your name
Blessed Dane
A friend, sister, and brother confidence is the identity, you maid

Your confidence is yours, not under anyone's control

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Dane Figueroa EdiditransformationPoetry 2019


Poem of transformation...

The butterfly in the morning sun flutters with grace until his day is done
He's in and out of the beautiful flowers
To the music of the birds he dances for hours
Blissfully aware of his own handsome features
He's the envy of all the other garden creatures
Making the most of his time in the air
Embracing his life as if not a care
Made up of colour and symmetrical...

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Morning calm

A world of desperation. 

The face and the faceless. 

Indescribable yet on the tip of my tongue.

Impecability holds the key to power.

I stare out over the city on my park bench throne.

The morning hours calm my mind. 

Crows speak in their own tongue. 

I reflect on a night of dreaming. 

The number is 4. 

Time to let go of what I can no longer carry. 

My saving grace is ...

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When I meet her in the night.

When I meet her in the night


I had a date with silence last night, I remember what she said

She gently cuddled up to me then kissed me on the head.


She emptied thoughts out of my mind and poured herself inside

Then mercury that had set fast, slowly, began to glide.


No thoughts to fuel emotions and no actions from what’s felt

Then from the top she trickled down and ...

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A caterpillar's tale


Today I am a caterpillar, I am knobbly and green,
I cut that path through the leaf behind me, it shows you where I've been.
I crawl slowly on my belly and I am rubbery like jelly,
And if I should slip from this here cabbage, I might end up somewhere smelly.
But soon I will go through changes, that you would not believe,
I'll say goodbye for a while to the cabbage...

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