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From the 'Wings' series


They announce the occasion
White for the virgin.
Black for death
Red for love.
Pink for a girl
Blue for a boy.
The loudest colour of all
Embarrassed cheek of girl or boy.

We have had them all
Confetti in our lives.
Throw me red rose petals
Shower me with love.
Spray me with your rainbow
Dazzle me with your spectrum.
No need for pots of gold at the en...

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flowerslove poetrywings series




Countdown has begun as a crazy driver gets ready to go.

It’s a race over the desert to reach Mach 1.

As he sets off g-force increases and a silver dot shoots

over the ground trailing dust. In a second

he has gone a mile reaching 600mph.

With a bang he careers through the sound barrier

ending up a dot on the horizon.

Yes, he has done it, the faste...

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poems from my new book... | GALLOWS | U.F.O. | ENDLESS SUMMER | Lorraine | Martian Gothic |

dangerfast carsupersonic speedworld record attempt

The Badger

Badger, badger, black and white

Camouflaged against the night

Brambles rustle as you brush by

From your sett, elusive, shy


Living in a close-knit clan

A forager, no threat to man

Nature’s civil engineer

By British public held so dear


But omnivore of stocky build

Defra say you should be killed

Accused spreader of TB

A sniper’s bullet’s saved for thee



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Also by Starfish:

Cheeky Swine |

Will you ?

Will you dance with me tonight,

until the early morning light ?

Will you hold my hand,

whilst I listen to my favourite band ?

Will you drink beer with me,

whilst I shed my last tear ?


Will you walk with me,

hand in hand,

to the promised land ?

Will you follow the rainbow with me,

to where dreamers hide

and true love resides ?


Will you lay down beside m...

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Moving On

entry picture

Moving On

staring through the window
at that dark and dismal place
where shadows danced and jittered
and a stranger had my face
I was shocked, but not surprised, to find
my future hopes would never last
if I stayed gazing in the mirror
and obsessing with the past

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

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leaving past behindlooking backlooking forwardmoving onnew start

Travelling Home

An evening, sitting, wanting, ripping, blackening.
An acerbic wind.
Wait for the train and the glut of passengers to spill out.
The end, endless encircling madness, himself in the wilderness.
Girls, Judas and their selfish wives, lives pass, suck Jesus.
In his selfish mask.
Tormented, pushed down, I’m full: kill, hell thoughts.
Giggle to stifle grief, uncomfortable familiar family and perfe...

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And when we were sat in the Odeon

the day after the social worker phoned,
Remember To Leave Reality At Home
the voice from behind the curtains boomed.
She said Ray, have you left ‘ality at home?
I nodded and laughed. She frowned
and asked What is ‘ality, Ray?
as if I were The Light, The Truth and The Way
and would never dream of letting her down.

And when the school report suggests
she’s below average intelligence
I reca...

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Also by Ray Miller:

He knew the score |

If you knew all the things that would happen in your life, you would not be able to live, so it is just a good job you don't know

Everything forgiven’s forgot

Peace made way to war again

Boundaries and manners were lost

Dignity was dug into a dirge

Pride slurped from a baby cup-

Oh let’s not talk in sombre wilting

Of how a mind was skewed and tilting

The only saving grace to be

That hindsight wasn’t paid to me

As- if I’d known how you would leave

I’d never give my heart to grieve

And I’d’ve s...

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agedemetialovememory losstime



And the stains upon the bar
Tell another sorry tale
Of love and loss and tragic lives
To drink, to drown out the wails

As another washed out soul
Seeks the solace of the glass
To wash away the memory
Of another broken pass

Another wheeler dealer
Another gambling god
Another weary player
Bet his life upon the sod

The rings around his eyes
Mark the toll and tell t...

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I picked Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

and Peploe’s Tulips

then arranged them like the

perfect wedding day.

I tied the bouquet together

with kisses from eternity,

and wrapped them in moonlight

from your favourite landscape.

I presented them to you

like a Jane Austen hero,

as your eyes lit up

my universe.


I waited like the stars await their fate.



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Also by George Stanworth:

A Floristry of Palpitations |

Poem: The Cross, Stark and Still

entry picture

Into the depths of untold depravity,
a perfect creation had fallen away;
unimagined grace poured out from our God above -
As His Hand of wrath was firmly stayed.

The Cross, stark and still, standing upon a naked hill...
subtly calls for the World's attention.

Since the dawn of everlasting time,
our Savior awaited His appointed day;
despite humanity's race to certain doom -
His Hand of w...

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Also by Joseph J. Breunig 3rd:

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breunigchristian poetryfaithpoetryThe Cross Stark and Still

Share my Umbrella

entry picture

Leaving you stood in the snow
I almost turn around
And shout you
To come and share
My umbrella.

Almost clear some handspace
And almost pull out
My spare pair of gloves
In the middle of
My bag

And almost take
My little black hat
Off my head
As a symbol of
My endless love.

Almost pull my scarf off
That makes Tom Baker’s
From Doctor Who
Look like a pair
of earwarmers.


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Also by Gray Nicholls:

If I were a proper poet |


formed in v they fly

o’er top o’me

bellies, usually driven snow,

this morning

honey dipped in hiemal morning’s glow


til’ falling, scrap and skreel

fo’ morsels discarded

by genteel and boor

for there is no inequity

in commission to cloy the

ever open maw

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Also by Paul Sands:

Just A Simple Trip | I Won't Go Down, Not Even With Alice |



A person

you need to know

and love

more than yourself.

A person for whom

you would go out

on the most fragile of limbs for,

knowing, that should that fragile limb break,

they would be there to catch you.





Patricia Wilde

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Abide or Untie

Biding their time. Defining what is and is not define. Priming and pruning your mind for a life coloring within the lines. You cling to their lies; nothing exists behind the boundaries they've devised.

Hear the truth buried in every lie, all are Devine. Hug this world tight and define for yourself what it is to be alive.

Is it fulfilling to be tied to the desires if the subconscious mind? Yo...

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consciousnessdestroyer creatordevineexpansiontimetruth

And then the heart does flutter.

And then the heart does flutter

From the slightest of embrace

From the slightest tiny mutter

From the lips upon your face


And it’s like nothing ever changed

From the time we both were one

From the time before my heart broke

From the time that you where gone


And in that stolen instant

From a place within my heart

From a place no longer distant

From a place...

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Ninety one Word Story of My Life

entry picture











I was born in Texas and raised in Arkansas. I was taught that if you worked hard and tried even harder you could accomplish anything.

In some ways this is true. At the age of 26 I joined the army.

Even though my service from 1986-1988 was a little boring. I did something that at the time was unusual for a Woman. I served along side Men and pr...

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Also by Shirley Smothers:

Difficult Haiku | Happiness? |



The script


the grey matter

with no questions

tendered or rendered

to hide

the creases and flaws

of the catechism curtain


Incense clouds

the view

from the true

sense of reality


Morality kneels

on glass - stained

water - unholy

drips into tears


Guilt trips

filter into veins

trembling, shaking

in silence

occupied by


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Also by Mike Hilton:


Yoatford Castle

entry picture

Yoatford Castle (God's Amor)

A dove flies over Yoatford Castle Turrets.

Freedom reigns in the power of the spirit.

Prisoners no longer there, empty dungeons!

Tourists wander around feely within it,

many of them carrying packed luncheons.


Visitors discover a famous medieval song.

On Yoatford's battle and Earl Reece!

In this place knights and archers are gone.

In its'...

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A Bigger Man Than Me

I always liked the jacket my Dad wore.

One day I found it

Hanging lonely and forlorn

In a wardrobe

And I thought of him and me

And remembered he was a bigger man than me


I tried the jacket on

And felt him close once again

I always liked the little pocket for a watch and chain

But to my dismay the jacket didn’t fit, not at all

It was too small

Though he was a b...

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Going Back To Askeaton

Glad it is over ,

sad im leaving

yeah at Cagney's im  asking in English where the other room be  ?

and the Irish in the room are pretending they dont understand what im saying

i looked right in the eyes of one like " who the fuck are you talking to ? "

you'll not want to find out who i am

let me tell you a secret = im looking to lose the head

next minute im being served guinne...

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No-one was harmed

when it went off, although

there were plenty of casualties

by the end of the night.


I’m still finding bright sparkly

ruby-red 30s under the sofa

to this day. I ate that much

meat that week it


nearly turned me vegetarian.

I smiled and said: “Sod it,

I bet we won’t do this when

we’re septuagenarians,” and


you agreed with me. My


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O loved one remain my sultry,lustful dream being. Stay the ocean I need to swim through deeper and deeper until my thirsty wishfullness it is quenched again. O loved one aloof and untouchable remain my addiction to delusion,delirium and desire!

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I am not a lesbian, Im a feminist

Welcome love, to the world of freedom of speech,
I like to cook Sweetheart, not for you, but coz I LOVE to eat!
As a result I'm fat with no seat,
but thats all sweet,
Contrary to popular belief,
Id rather have taters but leave out the meat.
And I'm sure your little dick mentality wnts to call me a whore, 
But upsettingly no one cares bout your lil dick mentality no more.

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Also by Starla Maguire:

Response to Jerry Hall (A woman should be a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom) | (untitled) |

If They Come

entry picture


Will they come through the darkness? Will they come?

Or screaming with the dawning of the sun?

Is it time to fire the beacon?

Lest men’s resolve should weaken

Should we tell the boy to beat the battle drum?


Does that eastern glow mean Jarrow’s over-run

And presages the stinking Viking scum?

To visit us with thunder

To pillage, rape and plunder

Returning thence ...

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Also by John Coopey:

Jilted John | Your God and My God | Health & Safety | Happy Birthday, Glen | Royal Bank of Scotland |

A London view

Emotion recollected in tranquillity

don't do it for me:

see the river Brent courses,

and see the people flow,

all kinds and conditions

in rain and sun and snow.


You might know

the greenman in kingsbury,

who abhors the national front,

wanders in kew gardens

and sometimes has a punt.


There's westminster traitors

brixton dreadlocks edged with hats


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Also by John E Marks:

Lost |

People who climb K2

entry picture

Climbing in a rare window

of good weather,

good meaning merely hostile not lethal,

through a window

into the Death Zone;

through a window

into an insane dream-world

where nothing is normal,

the mind cannot think or remember,

the brain cannot function.

There is only the divine obsession, the Satanic compulsion.


Base Camp. On a hot day, the Gilkey memorial is od...

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Me, I just hate Palace.

It's quite simple, brother.

Buckingham, Crystal -

As bad as each other!



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Also by Attila the Stockbroker:

My Favourite Politician |

Over the Edge


Black gritstone Laithe barn facing the watery late afternoon sun

Echoes to the clatter of bovine hooves on shiny dung slicked cobbles

Milking complete, the plod to grazing fields underway accompanied by buzzing flies

Tails flicking, heads shaking, the small herd spreads though the running grass each cow finding space

The field edge drops away into the steep wooded valley patched b...

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Skull Bone Ring

entry picture

Rooted in shadow all that seems
forgotten a forrest.
Oxygen the light to blister skin
and leaf that pray before the rot.

Blighted my reflection now a name
that haunts the ghost to ridicule
perception, give credence to hollow
earth and burn buried beauty

Starved of light a lantern hidden
lost by mist to jewel an empty socketed
skull bone ring that pulls upon a finger
to twist and thr...

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Also by Richard Alfred:

Candle |

death in disguise

do you wanna know what i think about love?
theres no such thing.
its just death in disguise.
it starts out beautiful,
but theres always something there slowly and silently tearing you to pieces.
with no one noticing.
and then you blame it on the one you love.
and it happens over and over and over again.
until one day it just suddenly ends.

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Labelled “fair” but tastes a lot like abuse

Snidey guffaws and earnest propaganda

"What do you think?" asks the BBC news

About poverty and this seasonal weather

I think that it’s fair – evenly balanced

For every free banker, an ATOS corpse

I think that it MUST be ever so just

Royal babies emerge and my widescreen warps

Rational, reasonable, really right, right?


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entry picture

Around the shadowed corner, wicked lies,
Through telescopic lens and focussed eyes.
The autumn trees encapsulate the path
And crunch beneath the wheels they idolise.

The building crowds descend before the knoll
To catch a glimpse of this passing idol.
He, showered from all sides with the applause
And peppered from above by seasons fall.

Idyllic is this scene to which he greets,
As smiling f...

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Also by Simon Austin:

Retribution (From My Beautiful Lie) |

americaassassinationJohn F kennedymurderonassispoempoetry

Spring Mood

entry picture

I am in a spring mood today,
For me it’s always Sunday.
I walk with a charming smile
As I have my own and unique life style.

I don’t care if it’s winter or autumn,
I always sing my own anthem.
Wednesday looks at Friday with envy,
So what? Sundays are plenty!

I walk and I smile.
There is nothing that can rile.
Autumn, fogs and rain?
So what? It’s not the main!

The main is my mood,
The second is my foo...

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Also by Larisa Rzhepishevska:

Unforgettable Tune |


Asylum Song.

He sat with her the night she died

they looked upon the stars,

and searched for heaven in the sky,

in each light they saw a Ba,

each light a soulful Ba.


And now he’s lost inside this room

the desk an ocean wide,

speaking to the soulless gloom

and a suit that will deny him

to a man that can deny him.


janjaweed, janjaweed, 

janjaweed janjaweed, 


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Also by Neil Fawcett:

Hang Out The Poor (Song) | Our Own | Simon Armitage Lives In Stockport | Jack |


entry picture

Truth doesn't live in place with no love.

Why is the heart so attached to all beautiful?

Cause beauty is its homeland, its shelter and cover...

What's there for us equally mightyful?



poetry and music by Irina Sunrise

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beauty love homeland heart


The day they murdered JFK

They took our hopes and dreams away

Ideology, power, greed,

Sowed the all-American seed.


Hating that world-famous face

Planning another in its place

Uncaring of the status quo

They muttered "He deserved to go".


Ruthless to ensure completion

Witnesses doomed to death's deletion

Those who plan a coup d'etat

Will carefully make sure...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



entry picture


Angst the gangster of my pain

Will I ever write again?

Of flowers in the field

Coloured blue as steel

Once annealed

By sunlight shining through the broken glass

Before the dearth of earth alas

Now cold,

As old as time, dying.

Birds still soar, trying.

Their songs now lost

Beneath the roar of memory

Lost to greed.

The need to feed our eyes


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Also by Pete Slater:


Coronation Party, Amy’s Terrace, 1953

entry picture

Staring out at me over a gulf of sixty years,

Your glassy-eyed optimism, born of NHS specs

Your staid gaiety in checked dresses

Bunting fashioned from austerity

Displayed in glorious mono, black and white

Jostling just to have self-created fun

And celebrate a distant Queen you’ll never see.


How perfectly the instant caught you

Spots on the negative though

“Mam! Ther...

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Oppy Wood, May 1917 |

Under the covers

Feel your breath against my skin

kiss my lips and i'll give in,

warm my hands within your grasp

I hear your beating heart, 

as time slips away 

silent whispers are here to stay 

under the covers I find you again 

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Also by emmy92:

Heartache | You and Me |

Safe Home

Safe home.


Husband and wife.

To your

Bailey household.


Home to your lost son and daughter,

bricks and mortar,

beef casserole,

the ‘One Show’,

glowing fires.

tickled kisses.

the click of

the bedside light.



I love you.’


Safe home.


Heartbroken young lady.

Catch your bus

to your flat.


With the enveloped mat


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Touch and Go

entry picture

For my daughter Rebecca.


There are moments in life

Which imprint

On heart and mind

And soul.

Many years ago now

I remember

My moment well.

Mothers Day, and I

Was alone.

Marriage gone. Children gone.

I stood

Gazing through misted windows

Grey street, grey skies

Leaden heart,

And round the corner came

A little grey 2cv

Chugging its nine hour jo...

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Touch and Go


entry picture



This man won medals for bravery

Served in a world war

Mourned for his dead comrades but never

Complained about it

Came home, collected his demob suit

Walked away whistling

Determined to make the best of it


This other man lost a limb, didn’t care

That you would notice

Completed his education then

Went on to hack it

Never asked for...

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David SubacchiLiverpool poetryWALES.AberystwythWelsh Poets

ThePoetry Spoke & Guest Alun Parry

entry picture

The much in demand Socialist Folk Singer Alun Parry plays ThePoetry Spoke at Gallaghers As Guest Musician - this coming Thursday -  21st November - from 8pm!


Of Alun's debut album "Corridors of Stone", Lianne Steinberg, a music writer in the Big Issue said of the album: "The Liverpudlian singer-songwriter packs more weight in the punch of his folk songs th...

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Also by Chris Co:

ThePoetry Spoke Open Mic & Guest |


So humble,

so gentle,

so beautiful,

a star shines in your eyes.


So graceful,

so kind,

so thoughtful,

a star shines in your eyes.


So angel,

so talented,

so unassuming ,

a star shines in your eyes.

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Shaping Up



Love is two

Love is hello again

Love is a moment in time

Love is needing to be loved

Love is wanting to hold you now

Love is the spark when we touch

Love is two hearts beating as one

Love is the closeness when asleep

Love is curling up so close to you

Love is emptiness without you

Love is waking to your smile

Love is sad when you go

Love is you and ...

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Also by Ian Beckett:

Wine | Passion & Pleasure | Flying |

Smoke Rings


Summer daze,

drifting into falling gold

to finish.

We put away our home from home

of orange-brown acrylic,

leaving debris tucked in pockets.

Bottle-tops and old lip balms;

dirty skins and baccy strands;

ciggy filters; bits of grass;

fairy dust and magic eyes;

sugar made of salt.

Litter from the happy hours  

and many fields we danced in

under dark and di...

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Magnus Bennett came from Thanet

Spoke as from a different planet

Liked baked beans with chilli on it

Blew strange kisses no one wanted

Often in a crowded carriage

Left commuters hot and bothered


One day in a darkened tunnel

Where his train had ceased to trundle

And the lighting failed to function

Not too far from Clapham Junction

Magnus struck a br...

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Also by Philipos:


Flavored Water

entry picture

photo credit: Sarah Greenfield 

Flavored Water

Almost every pot starts this way

Olive oil

Sweet and hot peppers

Purple onions

Garlic and little bits of ginger root

Another stone soup is under way

Stewing on low heat in oil

And just enough water to steam

(Cause you know they don’t mix well)

Until vegetables with chicken legs and thighs 

Hardly sizzle together


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bubble / not boilMalbecolive oilpot liquorSarah Greenfieldslow cooking

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