Jumping from one high to the next

There desperate to forget

The one thing that makes them upset

Just to escape the mistakes that now haunt them

All because of a lie ill-fated

Made ready for consumption

By those who told them it was right

Yet it's the best fiction has to offer 

Messed up with reality

And feed on by the minds of the lost ones

Ready to create fractures i...

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This feeling is a mask for deeper pain 

That snickers at me from between the cracks

Calling for me to give in to the mass

A tug of war from the darkness I attract 

To the purest of happiest moments 

A continuing cycle of what was and what has become 

Leaves you exhausted and a little bit insane

Just trying to get back what we might have lost 

Yet time can only tell if what ...

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Give me a sight that lasts,

something that won't escape,

because I'm tired of the changing of minds,

the persistent feeling of unease,

that decorates my mind,

it plays havoc with my self-belief,

so lost behind what I thought I could see,

should have realised it was foggy

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Holding the truth in the back of your pocket

Always changing

Always forgetting

Not sure of what it is

At competition with what you think is suppose to be 

Eyes on the prize

But the prize wont last

Taking steps towards goals that you will surpass

An ever daunting prospect

That someone might actually stick around


But what if it wasn’t something you always wanted


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Held on to the start

forgot that time had past

the few to many goodbyes inbetween

and didn't realise that what we had was lost

tried re-tracing my steps

must have tripped over the feelings i use to get

shouldve let go

when you said you didn't know

I guess I just hoped that you could remember what i wouldn't let go of.

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The nights are long and cold with winds that twist and turn through the leaves of fallen trees, Whispering secrets as they pass by A tangled mess of laughter and tears of the future and the past entwined together to reveal the worst mistakes we repeat Yet still we walk through the mist towards a brighter light that either means our doom or our enlightenment Trusting in the forces that bind us ...

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This is no movie, no fictional story,

It’s life, nothing more nothing less,

People come people go,


And as the forgotten fades away

The memories are left behind,

The things I swore would be remembered,

Have left, and know I’m lost,

Looking for your face in a sea of big waves

I forgot I’m drowning,

Wishing that I knew you were okay,


Cause time keeps passing us...

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Sad Story

It’s a story I know all too well,

Of a fairy tale losing its grip on the script,

We lost our love and now where just strangers with a past.


And It seems to me that it’s written all wrong,

That I could just walk on by without even the slightest touch,

Yet I still look back just to see you not looking back at me,

And I wish you knew this emptiness I feel,

Because behind the...

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Mystery man

As time passes this stranger in my head gets closer,

his name well known to me

a stranger I can’t disagree who means a great deal to me,

He comes and he goes but I couldn’t say it bothers me,

Because when he stays it’s a treat,

this mystery man who can’t be bothered with love,

sees right past me with his dark brown eyes u can’t help but gaze and wonder,

but I’ll admit it intri...

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I figured it out

Where I was going

Thought I’d hit a wall

That turned out to be a brick door into your world,

And now I know that I wasn’t taking hits,

I was just being pushed closer to you,

All I needed to do was let go of all the things I held tightly to,

I forgave, forgot, moved forward

out of the grey that started turning dark,

believed in better and turned a wall in...

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Kings and Queens

There is no point in denying it, it evades me the love i seek, i want, i push away and as if mistakes I've made appeared virtuous and un-troubled at a time i hold onto regrets that were never meant to be mine

And the ignorance is bliss it becomes me holds me prisoner against time feeling nothing forgetting everything taking more and more but gaining little to none

And this power we seek is a...

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He leaves with just a backpack

Filled to the brim

With hopes and dreams

He never looks back

Won’t miss what has been,

To many new lesson to learn

To many better memorise to conceive

Just travelling through life,


He was a dream ,


And as he goes

He smiles for what tomorrow brings,

Reminds me that I’ve only just started living

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just that little bit harder

Heavy hands

on fiery hearts,

gripping tight feelings that don’t last,

up against our own walls

were caught before a new door,

emptying our pockets that were once full,

looking back to step forward

will try not go through it all

and ignore what happened before,

hoping something might change

maybe work better,

so will try just that little bit harder

and win t...

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coming back

Gather me up in strong hands,

hold me in passionate glances

whisper cruel things

with the silent minds of old friends

remember what we tried to forget

because its slowly coming back

out of the depths of time.


So ashes really can become flames again

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I lost you before,

Decisions were wrong,

But you left me longing for more,

Because we were indestructible,

Made me feel strong,

Didn't realise then what I know now,

All I ever wanted is in your eyes,

Where the sun shines bright and life is worth living

Don't let me make the same mistake again.

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Under the covers

Feel your breath against my skin

kiss my lips and i'll give in,

warm my hands within your grasp

I hear your beating heart, 

as time slips away 

silent whispers are here to stay 

under the covers I find you again 

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You’re my weakness

Something to hate

But the love persists

Making you a habit I’d like to break,

With strong words

Secret lies

This love has no reason anymore,

Should’ve removed these photos from my walls

Take them down

Leave them behind

Because you should already be gone,

But this habit that won’t break

Faults me every time

Bad memories turn to blurry lines


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You and Me

You're the sun,

the moon

the earth beneath my feet,

with out you the season's wouldn't change 

the stars would never sleep,

cause my love for you is greater then the deepest sea 

more intense than the hottest desert 

and truer then the greatest love story.

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Testing Fate

Moving in circles

I find my way back to you

Just one more time

Just one more day,

I’ll knock on your door and

Ask you to let me in again

Hoping you’ll ask me to stay

Because your kisses are longing

Your smile deceitful

Your hands to warm on my skin

It makes my heart race

Can’t catch my breath

I’m just testing fate,

Hoping this will work


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Take me away

Take me away

Fare away from here

To a place where I can breathe easy

Some where we can just be

Together again

No past or future

Just a present

Full of wonder,

No time to waste or hesitate

Cause this world will keep spinning

Even when you’re not here

Memories to replace your presence

I’m fine with that

Just take me away from here one last time


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Round in circles 

Catching tails 

we hold on to questions with little consequence 

refusing to listen 

we make the same mistakes

traveling to a dead end 

and anger drives the decisions we make 

tearing what little we have left 

making it impossible to get back to where we first left 

and these words we speak 

burn the bridges we built 

breaking this w...

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Im taking a stand,

never going to let you make me feel this way again,

and i'll hold you responsible for every word I say 


Cause you got me tripping,

on silent words,

things you refuse to say 


and not knowing what happened,

well it drives me insane,

off a cliff,

were going to fast,

but suddenly you stopped,

and i realised it was all just a...

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Breaking all the rules

Caught out im pretty sure, 

i already knew that we were bound to hit a wall,

crash and burn not break through,


cause we went to fast, 

changed gears to soon, 

forgot our limits, 

maybe my respect to 


And i remember you saying the chase is all you love,

shame it all ends there,

cause this game of hearts i've never been good at, 

it was never go...

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